Blessed Are The Peacemakers: For They Shall Be Called The Children Of God.

The result of personal research over these last couple of years into the need of a supposedly Christian group of Nations headed by the USA into the rape and pillage of countries far away resulting in the deaths of tens of thousands of civilians has left me with a heavy heart and soul.
The people of these countries were told a malicious lie namely WMDs in the land of Iraq and history has recorded the results of what happened to Iraq after the invasion.
Those responsible have got away scot free and not called to account for crimes against humanity, but they have not escaped the judgment to come before God.
I have forced myself to look at what’s available on the internet of the grotesque images of innocent men women and children of the civilian population of several middle east countries, and those that do survive are maimed for life, children missing limbs and not having proper access to medical attention is a sickening sight no matter what the colour of their skin or racial background.
Moving images with audio, only highlight the horror and even though the language may not be fully understood the pain and grief expressed by children trying to wake up dead parents and siblings cannot be cast aside unless you have a heart of stone.
I make no apology to anyone to view this situation from the perspective of the words spoken by Jesus known as the Sermon on the Mount and I see no peacemakers, only a blood thirsty campaign to fulfil a political agenda based on lies and more lies, and this campaign of terror is far from over and God alone knows how many more dead and maimed civilians will be added to the appalling tally and of course dead and injured men and women from the armies of all countries in support.
The fact that those who profess a love for Jesus support this activity is for me difficult to understand, I firmly believe that a steady diet of dead and maimed children in still and motion images may bring to light the reality of what is going on.
churinga churinga
70+, M
Sep 23, 2012