God Gave Up On Me

I prayed to God. I wasnt being greedy. I was just praying prayer of salvation. But God never answers. I am tired of hearing all that be patient! Answer is on its way! Stuff. I know God is all loving forgiving and that. But i think he doesnt care about me. I feel he has given up on me. I prayed for my faith to be stronger, that i want to seek God, that many unbelievers believe him. But i never felt presence of the holy spirit. I feel so empty and foolish. What can i do? I am tired of this satanic world and my satanic mind. Maybe i am destined to go to hell like that betrayer of Jesus. What can i do? Please help me..
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4 Responses Sep 24, 2012

I don't know how to tell you that God loves you. It is just true. When you get old like me you will look back on your life and see how many times God WAS there for you surrounding you with his love and peace. Talk to God whenever you think of it. You don't have to pray. Just realize God is there around you and in you.

Thank you! Yes. I was thinking about how God does not care about me and all those but I really couldn't deny the fact that God loves us and cares for us very much.. I was being a rebellious child :( God bless you!

I can associate with your story. I had the same feelings toward God until I decided to totally dedicate my life to Christ. I joined a church family & got baptized. After that I thought all of my problems would just go away. How wrong I was. I went through more problems. The devil was out to eat me up! Then I was told by my pastor that we all go through trials, but we have to learn how to praise God in the middle of it. Trouble don't last always, don't give up. You will be a living testimony of how good God is. We have to go through a TEST in order to be a TESTimony! He does love you. He's working on you right now through all of us.

Thank you :) I also hope to be faithful to the Lord! Hope I can go through everything with God.. No matter what devil does. God bless you!

God does answer... just not always in ways we expect. There will be times when it "seems" God isn't there or that He just doesn't care. But He is always there and He always hears us (don't just go by your feelings). God uses times of trials to teach us,to mold us, to prepare us. What you're going through might help you or allow yo to help someone else later in life. Don't give up faith.

Thank you :) I feel so foolish not being able to go through trials... God bless you!

Please don't lose your faith. You are not alone in feeling ignored, but the truth is God listens. He just needs you to trust Him. Do not bargain with Him. He is ready to give you what you need. You need to believe there are many others requesting God's help. He is there listening. Open your heart and let Him in. I used to be in a really dark place. The only thing that kept me going was my faith. I held on to that until the point I reached clarity. Sometimes all we need is to open our eyes to see things clearly and be renewed. The other day I stumbled upon these words which I think might help you:

Trust God. Don't try to manipulate Him. Don't bargain because you cannot keep it. Don't bargain because God is unimpressed. Don't bargain because God wants your faith. When you face challenges you must not bribe God, but rather trust him. Rely upon His grace and mercy. - Tim McQuade

Thank you so much for your answer :) I just hope I have as much faith as you. I know it's devil's whispering that God is unloving, he is giving up and all that but it's starting to get to me. Again thank you, maybe I have to wait...

Getting in touch with other with a much stronger faith helped me overcome all the darkness which was also depression. Go to church. Find a group of people like a bible study group that could provide you with support. You just need to get closer to God in any way possible. I promise it will "work". It did for me. Blessings!

Thank you! I will go to church! God bless you :)