An Unbiased View Of Israel And Palestine

I cannot begin to explain how much i dislike politics and the media. I try to avoid the topic all together as it just provokes so much conflict that i'd rather just steer clear.

But i have recently been made aware of something that i think deserves a clean unbiased voice here on EP. there is a group that currently is about this topic however i have found this view slightly biased and almost "militant" in approach to the subject. I think this then simply leads to people not wanting to listen.

I would simply like to link to this video and ask those interested to view an independent and unbiased account of atrocities that have been going on in the Palestine, and Israel areas.

I think people should pay heed to what is happening in the middle east even if it's just for the sake of knowing the truth. I follow the prescription of the video! No violence, and No death is acceptable, regardless of the situation. This is not Christian! God only ever commanded one war for the Holy Land! That War has been over since old testament times! God is however quite clear that this current conflict is an eternal conflict that will collectively with other world events usher in the second coming of Christ.

I think we as Christians should just always be aware of the things that are happening in that Region and the so called "Zionist Jewish" view of Christians and all other non Jewish religions. I wish to make it clear to all Christians that feel a "brother hood" towards the current mainstream Jewish faith that prescribe to the Talmud. to please note that this "fake" religion is just as invalid as any "christian" sect that goes against the Bible!

My best analogy for this "Zionist Jewish" sect would be the christian sect of the Jehovah's witness. similarly they disregard the weight of the teachings of their religious text, and rely however on a separate compilation of documents to tell the "believer" what he should and should not believe! I point you however to the clear Zionist Christian supporters through out the world most notably America's Government!

This current Zionist teaching is clearly against the Torah! As clear as it's against our Old Testament. I will follow up this story with stories confronting the teachings of the Talmud, if you are at all interested keep an eye open for that.

thank you for those willing to have listened and i hope you watched the video. And remember as a Christian you are a seeker of the truth, that is the only reason why i share.

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This video gives clear verifiable facts anyone can verify if they wish. I will be the first to admit that this gives only the apposing view and comments, but it is credible Americans and journalists who speak out. I cry to think the things that are indirectly done and my Lord Christ Jesus is attached through organization to this type of atrocity! I wish to reiterate I do not condone ANY violence! Be it Israeli, Palestinian, American or South African! I ask all my christian friends to please open your eyes to what is happening in this world and supported by uninformed "christians" from all over the world. I cry when i think of all the people affected. From the Palestinian Muslim, to the true to the word of God Jews, and even christians living in Palestine! I ask everyone who will not condone this type of evil to rate up this story and research the topic yourselves! please post rebuttals or apposing views if you wish. As long as we seek and know the truth!