I Love God

 and i really wish i were more practicing , i try to be but my mouth has gotten horrible .  and some other things i cant seem to quit like smoking and some personal things ..
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I have a ****/sex addiction im constantly fighting, my being on this site isnt helping much but yeah. God bless you and help you fight your demons and be a better christian

A world of believers say they love God, yet the only way to please God comes through loving others; and that is why our Lord tells all believers just how He sees them being hypocrites, selfish, rootless and uncaring for others beyond empty words while going into the buildings of man falsely called churches where Satan dwells and controls rather than being a part of the only true church of God as the body of Christ following only their Head and never man.

I feel the same way. Old habits are hard to break even after you get saved. We still have to continue to ask God for guidance and change. There is a lot of stuff we need to be delivered from. God is working on us if we let him. Change doesn't come overnight.

keep pressing on, the Lord know you love him.

I am the same way, I belive in the lord and I want to stand before him one day.But i smoke all that time. It was something that I decided I wanted to start doing before I said, hey I want to become more into the lord. My family hasnt been to church since my mawmaw died. She was a wonderful women, that lived for god. She went to church every Sunday, well when she passed away everything changed. Now I only go to church when I go to a friends house or something. I want to go to church regularly but when your parents dont do those things anymore it is really hard to. I know how you feel exactly

I know exactly what you mean. Being a christian isn't hard, it's the worldly goods. Pray that God can make the horrible things you say not enter your mind, & go to church one night/day & stand in prayer line, ask them to pray tha your smoking habit will vanish. :)

I haven't arrived yet either,but I left the station...I got this strange feeling that in the flesh I'm never gonna be "Perfect".But I'm gonna keep praising and thanking God and asking please for his mercy.God loves you,NO doubt about it!

yeah startruck! don't ever give up and keep studying God's Word! :) :) i'm on this kind of battle too. . In Matthew3:8 John says, "Therefore bear fruits worthy of repentance." . . let's concentrate on that! :) :D :)

When our lips say love, God cannot hear because He only looks on hearts regardless of our lifestyle, and that is because hearts speak only truth that can hide nothing. Love means---{1 John 4:7-8. 3:14-18, John 13:34, 1 Corinthians 13:1-13-----and take great notice Revelation 22:14 because false brethren have been murdering me for five years now. And amen to that beacuse----John 15:18-21.

God Loves you so much he sent his son to die for you. Smoking may kill you, but its should not effect your walk with the LORD. and I know how you feel, I am emotional and I use my mouth way to much. I use to control it better, when I was younger in the LORD. Getting old now. The lord gives us a divine bar of soap, sort to speak. when we sin, we confess it to him, and he is faithful and just to forgive us all our sins. He is faithful even when I am not. I know what Paul meant by calling himself wretched mana and the chief sinner. Praise the LORD.

Smoking ABSOLUTELY affects your walk with the Lord! He cannot stand it and as long as you smoke, you will never fully receive his grace... Not that you won't be forgiven, but it does affect your walk...

All I can say is that one night I was so overwhelmed by my life. So I started to pray.<br />
While I was praying the tears started to flow and so did these words that I wrote down. <br />
Please may I share them with you.<br />
<br />
I can't imagine my life without the Bible, even though there are verses I may never understand.<br />
For there have been many times my heart was troubled,I felt Jesus take me by the hand.<br />
Once I was so weary, I felt I had nothing left to give. No future in my tomorrows, had no reason left <br />
to live.<br />
Then one night out of desparation, I held the Bible in my hands and cried out,dear lord please help me, oh please forgive me if you can. It was like the weight upon my shoulders slowly<br />
lifted and went away. I had a feeling of contentment, so the harder I began to pray.<br />
Until I had poured out all the pain that had destroyed my very soul, and when my prayer was over,<br />
praise the lord I was whole.<br />
Now you can't say I walk alone, no never again will you see me fall. For I know that he is with me<br />
and oh lord you know I hear your call.<br />
I hear your call, I hear your call,saying I will never be alone for I know that you will be with me untill I see my heavenly home.

God do not look at our mistakes and loves us unconditionally..

God hates the sin, not the sinner

to; starstruck2xtrme ,hello, you know my name is diane i feel you i smoke also and i find myself when i get angry i curse i saw you're story could'nt help but 2 let -u-know ur- not alone so we can remeber -2 pray -4-one another see god has to remove that with prayer and he wil ,he said all we have to do is have enough faith ,big as a mustard seed ,call on him and he will guide ,our steps so god still love us,see cause @ lease you admit it and that's what he want us to do is when wer'e wrong call it out loud ,god said be {BOLDLY} HE likes that , that's why he said put on the full {ARMOR } OF {GOD} EPHESIANS;6;12-6;10=18reconizing our enemy and cigarettes are our {enemy} i know i also {smoke}{JAMES;3-18} god loves the just as well as the unjust tha's what he said not me, pray out boldly he love you ,don't let know one tell you differently. dianemoss. amen

That's so Lovely and Encouraging, I hope that starstruck2xtrme will take it on board and receive it as the Love of God through you to them. God Bless to you both :)

Galatian5:22-23a<br />
But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.