I Had A Dream And Feel I Should Share

umm, i had this dream yesterday

In the name of my LORD JESUS THE CHRIST, i write.

I heard the devil and his son conversing. he was asking his son if the earth

was ready for him to come in. his son said it was and he attacked the earth.

He first attacked Israel, before the whole world, Isreal fell as a result of their

unbelief. While i was on my way to convey the message to my mum, a

believer i saw someone, (who it is i don’t know) but i told him to "repent and

make his way clean to prepare himself, that the LORD JESUS is coming soon,

tomorrow, the day after, the next 20 years i don’t know but soon."


( i am not the best christian or even a good one, off and on at times, still struggling but i trust GOD HAS A PLAN for me , I just had this dream and thought i'd share)
confusedddreamer confusedddreamer
22-25, M
Nov 12, 2012