Bible Thumping Christians

Being able to quote a Bible Verse does not make you a good Christian. Getting in and commenting on group stories by copying versus and shoving them someone's throat. Doesn't make you a good CHRISTIAN! memorizing the Bible is not what God wants. He want you to study the Bible and come away with WHAT he has taught you. And be able to pass on what and how you learning from him with your OWN EXPERIENCE WITH GODS WORD. It's. Ok to give and share your knowledge and give list a particular lessons and verse. But let people look it up themselves. Maybe God hasn't enlightened them to that one yet. Or maybe they are not quite ready to be taught that lesson by the Holy Sprit yet. Being a expert know it all in your OWN EYES ONLY does not make a good Christian. And all this SHOWING OFF LOOK AT ME SEE ALL THAT I CAN QUOTE from memory doesn't make you a Christian. It just makes you ARROGANT WITH A BIG MOUTH. Now before you can't wait to shoot that big mouth off. STOP! TAKE a deep breath and look on the mirror
And then come and sit in a chair. THEN REMOVE THE PLANK FROM YOUR OWN EYE AND READ LUKE 11 v : 52 . Before you comment next time. THIS is what makes a good Christian IN GOD'S EYES! Now may peace be with you.

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2 Responses Dec 14, 2012

Not all Bible thumpers as you call them are Christians, and not all Christians are Bible thumpers.People are influenced by there upbringing and Denominational background,even Atheists quote the Bible to prove a point,refering to the scripture to refute something being promoted by individuals and certain groups can be justified by contending for the faith and at times does fall into a slanging match between some individuals and we often make the mistake of sterotyping individuals,the very recent post supporting the necessity for Christians to be vegetarians based on scripture according to the author is a classic example,as such opposing views allowed interested parties to make informed decisions and make room for the Holy Spirit to set the record straight.

People still need to see and hear what God's Word has to say, not just our words. God's words are life.

you are right, being able to quote the bible makes you a christian as much as sitting in a garage makes you a car. But God has called each and every Christian to share the good news. A very well-known atheist once said : if they truly believe that when I die that I will go to Hell, how much do they have to hate me to not share God with me?

I feel many Christians do what they are not supposed to do: they go out and Bible thumb others, thinking that is the only way to bring them to the Lord. No! Bringing people to the Lord requires the Christian to act like God, meaning showing the love that God has for us. His love is unconditional; and He loves you as if you are his only one. I know few who have showed me this Love of God, and for Pete sake, I AM A CHRISTIAN! but we are people, and we mustn't forget that ALL have fallen short of the Glory of God.
We cannot hold sinners to a perfect standard; we must love even when love seems doubtful!
AND you or I cannot change other Christians. To change the world, we must ignite a spark. We ignite the spark by being the change we wish to see in the world!

wow! thats great. I feel we need more change-wanters in this world if we are gonna win people over to Christ and save them from their spiritual death!

im sorry you feel that way. I thought I agreed with you and what not. But I guess not. I hope the love of God reaches you somehow, because he does love you