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Being able to quote the bible makes you a christian as much as sitting in a garage makes you a car. But God has called each and every Christian to share the good news. A very well-known atheist once said : if they truly believe that when I die that I will go to Hell, how much do they have to hate me to not share God with me?

I feel many Christians do what they are not supposed to do: they go out and Bible thumb others, thinking that is the only way to bring them to the Lord. No! Bringing people to the Lord requires the Christian to act like God, meaning showing the love that God has for us. His love is unconditional; and He loves you as if you are his only one. I know few who have showed me this Love of God, and for Pete sake, I AM A CHRISTIAN! but we are people, and we mustn't forget that ALL have fallen short of the Glory of God.
We cannot hold sinners to a perfect standard; we must love even when love seems doubtful!
AND you or I cannot change other Christians. To change the world, we must ignite a spark. We ignite the spark by being the change we wish to see in the world!
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You should both Love others and be able to give the Message of The Bible. Because it is by hearing the Word of God that people are moved to accept Jesus as their Saviour. Yes we should love but our performance in that area can be wanting at times because as you reveal

"I AM A CHRISTIAN! but we are people, and we mustn't forget that ALL have fallen short of the Glory of God."

Yes we all fall short in our attempts to "act like God" to others therefore people need to have a foundation of the gospel truth not have other Christians as their foundations because if we base or faith in other human beings we shall fall away when those human beings fail at being Godlike. And that happens all the time.

So it is via coming to a personal relationship with Jesus and understanding what He did for us that cements one into the Faith. Once that is don't it does not matter if every "christian" you know falls away or turns out to be the most treacherous back biters you have ever seen, when you faith is set in the foundation of Jesus then you can (If needs be) stand alone with Jesus till the end.

All Praise The Ancient Of Days

You don't need to be telling ME this stuff, for I already know it! I agree with everything you said! But there are many out there who REFUSE to become a Christian solely on the fact that the Christians he/she knew are hypocrites. I am reminding not just believers, but also unbelievers, that everyone in human, including Christians.

God told us to be fruitful and multiply because we are "person" beings; meaning we hate being alone. We are "fellowship" beings, which explains friends and so on. To walk with God, one must walk with other Christians. No, we do not put our faith in other humans, meaning the faith which belongs to God, as you were saying; but we must put some kind of faith in other humans. God created them; we are "relationship" beings. Although our most important relationship should be with Christ, we must have strong Christian friend relationships also. Other Christians are to strengthen other Christians, stone sharpening stone.

We put love into and we hope for other human beings, not faith. For me God is the only one worthy of faith.

Iron sarpening Iron :)