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The Bible is the greatest book of all. But should be used as an example to the life that Jesus wants us to live. But what has churches done to continue on? Here we are in the middle of another Advent Season. And the same lesson being repeated. The birth of the Christ Child. The same show being repeat once again the live manager scenes. With the newest born baby of a church member and shepherds and live animals. Oh it's traditional. But is this what advent should be today?

I believe churches have failed in the teaching in this aspect. The birth of Jesus has already happened. We have been taught all our lives that advent is THE COMING OF LORD! So isn't it time to replace the manger with the table of the
NEW SUPPER preparation of THE SECOND COMING OF THE LORD? Isn't that what is taught in the NEW TESTAMENT the book of our Lord Jesus. The book of HIS WORDS AND TEACHING! Shouldn't Advent now be the Second Coming of the Lord that he had promised us time after time. Are the Churches truly ready for the second coming? I DON'T BELIEVE WE ARE! How do you think Jesus would react if he WOULD COME BACK THIS CHRISTMAS DAY and seeing a crib instead of table prepared for a feast. You honestly believe he is not going to come UNGLUED? All Christains need to take a long hard look at how Advent and Christmas is being celebrated.

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1 Response Dec 15, 2012

Because by focusing on the birth, your also allowed the opportunity to consider renewal of your life, of your choices. it is the opportunity of a fresh start. It is as a re -brith for yourself.

The church has much work to do before Jesus comes back. That is what we to be focusing on. That is how we prepare for His coming by doing what He told us to do until He comes.

Jesus told us to watch and pray. We need to try to reach as many as possible to join in the feast.