Has God Spoken? A Check Point Yard Stick

“WHENEVER GOD SPEAKS”:- the 5 point Yardstick
1. You must find it in the Holy Bible- the words attributed to Him must line up with His Known word/scripture (Bible) and not contradict in any way.
2. He always Centralizes His Holiness in the Church – He always reveals His Holiness. He centralizes His Holiness in all His Messages. His messages contain His Holiness inside.
3. He must condemn Sin- Because He is Holy and cannot stand sin in all its form. It disgusts Him
4. He must point to the Coming Messiah. The message of the coming Messiah is all over the new Testament -The redemption of Humanity. The church born at Calvary and commissioned at Pentecost was sent to Preach The Gospel to all creation and prepare His Creation for the second coming of the Messiah. Our Faith is hinged on the fact that God Raised Him from the dead and that He will come for us both those who died in Him and those living at the time of His coming.
5. He must establish/ build the Kingdom of God in the Church. Jesus preached the gospel of the kingdom of God in the Bible. He will never build the Kingdom of Men in the church

5-points yardstick Extracted from the teachings of Prophet Dr. David E. Owuor. http://www.repentandpreparetheway.org/
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If you want to promote David Owuor as a prophet then it is reasonable for him to be put under scrutiny as to him being credible, the link allows those interested to make an informed decision.