The True Meaning Of Christmas

The true meaning of Christmas is celebrating the birth of Christ, our lord and savior.
Now, i have noticed people today have taken Christ out of Christmas. It's ridiculous. I mean Jesus is the Reason for the Season so whenever i ask people what Christmas means to them, they'll usually say giving gifts or they'll say it's about being with your family... They are sorta right yet they are wrong. The birth of Christ is what Christmas is all about.
Keep that in your minds this Christmas, have a Merry Christmas.
Stay safe, and put a little extra money in your church's offering this Christmas as well.

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I thought Christmas was about the time of year when all of our food had to be stored. After the harvests we would have a surplus of food for the winter which needed to be stored. All that could not be stored would be used for a huge feast at about the same time every year. This tradition has evolved into the materialistic holiday we experience every year. Most of the good stuff about being with family and gift swapping to bring the community together is what Christmas is really all about, before Christ got involved and before American companies began to exploit this wonderful tradition for yearly profit boosts. The "True Meaning of Christmas" has been changing since the beginning; however, the best and truest aspect of Christmas has always been the same, that is the great thing about Christmas. It will always be unique to the culture of the time and region therefore it will always belong to the people celebrating it, but the real meaning of Christmas (family, togetherness, joy, etc) will always be there. Focusing on Christ is such a narrow view of a great tradition that has so much history and meaning beyond the Christian tradition. I could be wrong though. :/

BlueMoon those without the love of Jesus have nothing to say but hurl insults and name calling.

True. But i said i was sorry to the dude