Conveying Truth With Individuality

"[H]er words were always like ready-made clothes, and never fitted individual thoughts. Anybody might have used them, and with a change of proper names, they might have served to describe any [subject]." - Elisabeth Gaskell - Parentheses mine

What follows are a few notes I have sketched to myself:

I lean toward a less rule-bound Christian outlook. Although my faith defines who I am, I do my best to avoid clichés.  One of the rewarding challenges for me is to convey truth with thoughtfulness, transparency and individuality. Whenever I pause to examine my beliefs, I am compelled to tackle them in bits and pieces as if composing a love letter.

I ardently follow authentic reads. They help me to avoid generic formulas that create cognitive dissonance – not only to the hearer, but to the messenger as well. Like love, faith is living and breathing and without personal searching it is devoid of meaning. This faith helps me question conventionality, the media and consumerism.


Life poses many hard questions. Although I believe in the authority of the Bible, I don’t know how to fit all the loose pieces together. Like other fields of study, there are many conflicting views converging on one another. All this requires heavy doses of humility and self-examination.

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