I am here out of just that. In a desperate sense, I come here for support. This is my first time here and I am new to ep. I would like to surround myself with others who know that Jesus Christ was sent here to die for the sins of you and I. I need this right now because my 34 years of life has been a constant, unending, eerily macabre series of extremely traumatic and unrelated tragedies. And yet, three more have presented themselves to me in the past month alone. There is no end in site. I'm hoping to be contacted by trustworthy, caring, and loving Christians. Who would be willing to be in my circle for support and friendship. To listen what it is I have been through and from there to let Him guide us. I never want to be a burden nor a bother. I am beyond the loneliest I have ever been and in such darkness. Prayer takes up a majority of my day. Every day. And despite neither seeing nor feeling any comfort or blessing from God, I love Him eternally. If you feel moved to do so, I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for taking the time to read this. May the Lord bless and keep you, and your family.
JamesHet JamesHet
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Seeing this many Christians brings a smile to my Face. I support All of You. My family in Christ our Lord. Praise be To God through Jesus Christ our Lord. I Thank God for Every time i Get to spend time with Other people who Love Jesus as much as a do and More than i do. I Find it Very Interesting what Our Faith in Jesus can Do. so I am Here and I will Listen and Support you

Thank you and i hope the Yaveh Blesses you into the future with the truth that saves.

Untill you find a local church,feel free to stop by on EP and say "Hello".It helps me a lot to get on the internet and place a post/give support or comments on other's stories...Ya know,just be connected to on the internet to others who love God and believe Jesus is the ONLY WAY......The internet is great but it can be so Godless and mean-spirited so I'm so happy to have EP's,I Am Christian to go to once in a while.Good luck,God Bless and welcome.

Thank you for your reply. I have a church I have attended weekly for several years now. I live in a very rural area and there are only about 20 elderly members. But it does help to attend and hear the Word

You're gonna be fine JamesHet....I live in a big city with lots of mega-chruches and they have their problems.I tell you, living in a rural area and going to a small chruch sounds like a blessing.Anyway the power is in the Word(Scriptures) and I find watching positive (Christian) programs a big help.Have a great day !

I could try to be a support but half the time my relationship with the Lord is on the rocks and I can't see through my pain.

It's people like you Jesus came for.

Feels as if God has left me in my suffering many times though.

you need to connect to a local church will be praying for you

I live in a very rural area and my church has about 20 members. Most are elderly. But it is my refuge as often as I can make it.

If you are willing to travel a little, there may be one within your travel distance.

Are you connected to a small group thru a local church?