Conversation! How Have I Missed You!

Most of the time I keep quiet or keep to very light conversation. I am a lover of good conversation however it is becoming increasingly rare that I experience any. I dislike conversation that leads to bringing down another and conversations that are too bland. Laughter is key in the grand conversations I so adore. I tend to be witty in getting to know others, I do keep my manners in showing respect to others though. I came across this site and it captured my attention. I get on Facebook and I talk with some family time to time. Lately I am not getting any fufilment in conversation. I really don't have close friends, but I can't help but feel it is because I don't relate to them. I am single, childless, and a Christian.
Redstarlrock Redstarlrock
22-25, F
1 Response Jan 5, 2013

That is ok, funny thing is that I'm Marry and also a christian, and feel the same way as you.. God bless, God is Always hearing you.