Evangelising Children In Todays Gospel Outreach.

The meeting of several people that have confessed to making a decision for Christ as a child and this simple act has been such a trial as time passed to become almost irellevant in later life for many individuals and in some cases turned away from the faith.

Children are very impressionable and getting them to make a profession of faith is a very simple matter, children are trusting and at the same time vulnerable.

In starting a local Church many decades ago we attracted very few adults in our outreach program yet at the same time had in excess of 120 children aged between preschool and early teens, all these children were from a background of non believers and the outreach in reality became in some cases a child minding session.

These days Evangelising children in some Churches is a core issue and when coupled with the necessity for some to engage a youth Pastor valued resources and time was directed toward something that simply did not produce adult believers.
churinga churinga
70+, M
Jan 6, 2013