My name is EveAnna, I was born catholic, but modern times have started to tear me from my beliefs, it's difficult to believe in what you can't see, but I should have faith and believe like a small child. I often get Lot of criticism for my religion and sometimes it gets difficult
EveAnna EveAnna
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Let me criticize you! You don't believe my story!

"there was nothing & nothing happened to nothing & then something magically started expanding for no reason creating everything & then a bunch of everything magically rearranged itself for no reason which then turned into dinosaurs"

The universe did not require a creator. So in timelessness (which Atheists claim doesn't exist) nothing happened to nothing, causing atoms to appear (in other words violating the law of conservation of energy). These atoms started expanding by themselves (violating Newton's second law) and formed the universe which magically started following both symmetry order and grouping order for no reason. These orders are also seen on Earth, that's how powerful magic is. The Earth came from this magic, with a generous amount of fresh water and perfect living conditions. Of course, in the past the conditions were diluted, and epic magic caused a cell to bust from the dirt in highly diluted conditions. Then, in the Paleozoic Era, the time at which only cell colonies used to exist, epic magic caused these cells to evolve into huge complex life forms like the trilobite with its hexagonal eye, leaving no fossil records since they don't fossilize easily. Turtles fossilize easily and their shells were found 100 million years ago, but not before that because probably a cat ate it. Then, skipping the biped-ape stage, Homo Sapiens randomly came. Later, they killed each other over beliefs of how they came. The end.