Love Unbound Be It Now

this is a video of how i came to understand that i do not have to wait to be what i want to be. I can be it now. I want love, then be it now, i want joy, be it now. I am not according to the things of this world. I am always unto God in all that i am.  I am rich in the treasures of his love, mercy, grace, compassion, light and love.  I am not living unto this world or myself anymore, that never worked and it never will.  I was made by God for God, to love him and be loved by Him, all else is vanity and i am sick to death of the vanity of this world.  There are four poems i read from my book "Love Unbound" in this video.
1. My Master's Touch
2. Not I, Not I
3. Crush Me
4. My Very Best
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God bless you all!

loveunbound67 loveunbound67
41-45, M
Jan 18, 2013