Insperational Message

I came to Christianity in 2002, I never went
to went to church as a child and growing up but I went to the US for a year and I was invited to go to a religious festival in Panama City Beach and one of the speakers was PastorJevon Goode he's preaching was insperational to me he explains things in a way that just clicked and it made sense to my experience.

The biggest connection was the fact of never giving up, no shortcuts, no detours, face life head on in full and keep god in your heart.

I have done that even now 10 years later and I live overseas I still have him as my pastor. I do not go to church but I do believe and I pray constantly. I fell sad but I have been unable to find a church in my area to deliver that powerful message in a comfortable place.
Iain321 Iain321
31-35, M
Jan 20, 2013