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His Name Is Yahweh

Does God our Father have a name he wants us to call him by? Yes he does. 

A problem with so many Christian pacifists today is that they constantly try to tell us (true Bible believers) to let Muslims worship their [false] god Allah, as ALLAH. Okay, that's good you know, it's nice to exercise freedom of religion. However, if you go up to any typical Christian sitting in their cozy churches today and tell them, "His name is Yahweh" (pronounced as Yah-uah in Hebrew), you'll just get mocked, ridiculed and told "you're too crazy or overboard". And what's worse is that most of the Churchianity folks expect real Christians to believe that ALLAH is the same as YAHWEH. Why do I call them "pacifists"? Because they are so overly obssessed with "peace" and connections with their wolve churches. Because they are intent on "pacifying" the big mouths, you'll never get me to shut up. Understand that.

"God" is nothing more than title, and same with the Lord and everything, just like mister and misses. Look at the Hindus and New Agers, they all of their dieties "Lords", Lord Maitreya, Lord Christ, Lord Krishna and etc. It's a title. "God" is nothing more than the English version of the German "gott". Did Jesus speak English or German? No! Why do you think so many decieved fools are fooled by false angelic visitations and false channelings (Matthew 24:5-24). Because they are gullible, they get told this, "I am God" when it's really just Satan or his generals, who do you think Paul really saw, it surely wasn't Lord Jesus. God has given us a name to call him by and it is YAHWEH or JEHOVAH. What do you think "Hallelujah" means? It's not just there for no reason, it is a Hebrew phrase meaning "praise Yah" (In Hebrew script: הַלְּלוּיָהּ), it didn't just get there. "God" is but a mere Germanic title (English and German are related) and a psuedo name given for Father Yahweh. Read the entire Book of Revelation, when the Beast and the False Prophet arrive, they will proclaim they are "God".

Many church pacifists will tell you, "It's just old testament rules". Give me one quote in the Bible where Jesus ever says to stop calling Yahweh by his real name. Everything and everybody has a name. Speaking of Old Testament rules, in Malachi 3:6, Hebrews 13:8 and Matthew 5:17 - the LORD never changes. So many Christians today are just completely problematic, and apparently have something against calling God by his true name. But they're okay with it when Muslims tell the world, "Alright, listen up. We think Allah is God, even though he's an old moon god, so we'll just force the Christians in our countries to worship him too." Jesus spoke Hebrew and Aramaic, both educational and liturgical. I'm not trying to full-force Hebrew down your throats, or any language but the point is that his name is Yahweh - which happens to be a Hebrew-oriented name. The original Muslims called him "Ahubah" or "Yahuba" which is the Arabic translation of "Yahweh" or "Jehovah" and they faced Jerusalem while worshipping, not Mecca.

Let's took a take a look at the real untranslated name of "Jesus" - which is Yahushua HaMashiah or perhaps Yahushua Ben Yosef in Hebrew (Yahushua son of Joseph in Hebrew). In Hebrew, there is no Latin "j"! "Yahushua" does not translate into anything of the Latin IESVS. That my friend, is just an alternate Greek and Latin spelling for "Zeus" used by the natives in the Iberian Peninsula. So those proclaiming that "Jesus" is his true name is really worshipping the ancient Spanish Zeus. "Halleluyah" means "Hail Yahweh" in Hebrew. Now, IESVS means "Zues" itself, and then there's IESOVUS or IEOSOUVS which are similar to IESVS.  The "-ie" or "-ieo" means "hail" in Old Greek and Old Latin and then you have the "-svs" or "-sous/sus" which stands for "Zeus", altogether that means "Hail Zeus"! So most church Christians today are just worshipping Zeus. If you translate "Yahushua" into English today, it translate into "Joshua" which is common for Hebrew and Semitic names such as "Joseph" which is "Yousef" in Hebrew and even Arabic, Joshua Ben Joseph. Joseph was his father and "ben" is a Hebrew meaning "son of". In Latin, it would translate into something like IOSVUA. The Romans hated Jews, Jewish-Christians and all Hebrew-speakers, so they replaced Yahushua with "Jesus" to enforce their Zeus-worship on the Jews and Christians. Just like the way Muslim countries try to force  their false moon god Allah on Christians and Jews living in those nations. Again, as false as Allah is, get in the habit of calling the son of Yahweh by "Yahushua" his true name, because "Jesus" just really means "Zeus" or even "Hail Zeus" in Old Latin and Greek. Then the English-Anglican Christians adopted it. Britain used to be part of the Roman Empire, the Romans also forced their Zues-worship on the natives of Britannia. It is something that angers the Lord yet he understands, he understands it for now but now that you've been told, call him Yahushua. Oh yes, prove you love him by saying Hail Zues every Sunday. Learning the difference between Yahushua and "Jesus" will really help once the scumbag known by Sananda Esu Immanuel arrives and proclaims that he is "Jesus" and takes his mysterious bare-food tour of Israel. That's what name the Antichrist or False Prophet is going to use, "Jesus Christ".

Let's talk about his alleged "English" last name too, "Christ". Christ means office in Old Greek and it's a title. The New Agers have a "Christ" for every false being their worship, they believe that every planet has a "Christ" and they called themselves "Christ-ed" ones which just means demonically possessed. New Agers believe that Maitreya was the "Christ" of his own planet - Mars. Then there's of course, the scumbag Sananda who they belive to be the "Christ" of the Earth and Venus. So if "Christ" means "office", IEOSVOUS must really mean - "Hail Zues Office", that's the literal translation but correctly it would translate into Hail the Office of Zues and remember the Pagan Greeks believed that Zues ruled through a council of gods, like an aerial or galactic "office". That's who most Christians bascially worship today, ZEUS. Every Sunday, which is the first-day of the week and an old sun-god worshipping day (Sun-day, Sun-god). Stop worshipping "Jesus Christ/Zeus" and start bowing to the feet of Yahushua HaMashiah.

Father's name is Yahweh, his son is Yahushua. Deal with it and accept it. Am I saying you'll go to hell for calling him Jesus? No, not even close. This is an issue that the Lord understands, and he'll be lenient this time, but Matthew 10:32 says, anyone who confesses Him before man will recieve eternal life. But truth-seeking will be much easier when you use his real name. So why do Bibles throw "Jesus" in our throats today? Because King James was a Freemason (Satanist) who corrupted our Bibles. Same with the Romans and Paul the (false) Apostle. If you take the original untouched works of the New Testament, it would say "Yahushua". Same with the Muslims who are forcing Arabic-speaking Christians to worship ALLAH the false moon god. See the correlation now?
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I would certainly like to know where you found all your "evidence" supporting supositions.

I've been where you are and simplicity is in order...praise God for Christ and the blood.I tell you in the end young man it's all about God or Yahweh or JEHOVAH or Christ or Yahushua or whatever scriptural geniuses like yourself want to call him,having mercy on us.

Another Blasphemer of the Holy Spirit.

To those who are serious about their faith in Jesus. These videos are worth consideration.

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May you be guarded from deception.

All Praise The Ancient Of Days

We are the chldren or creatures.
He is God or our Father.
Think of it this way, your a teen and you call your father by his first name.
Very imature and respect has gone the way side.
As hypocrites or missbehaving attitudes in some Christians or so they call themselfs please don't try to say all are the same and God said don't judge.

Taking things out of context within the Bible, naughty.

I run a ministry and no one throws anything down anyones throats, that makes people go away. (make sense?)
Next time walk away and don't go to any church that decides what you need or how fast..
That is for you and the Lord to decide it is your choice.
Take it easy on that heart of yours.