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For people not on twitter here are some of the messages the pope has given out, what I like is whether you're Anglican, Catholic, Baptist or Evangelical there are massages that everyone can agree with her are some examples:

When we entrust ourselves completely to the Lord everything changes. For we are children of god who loves us and never leaves us.

-The pope.

Offer everything you do to the Lord, ask for his help in all circumstances of daily life and remember he is always beside you.

-The pope

If we have love for our neighbour we will see the face of Jesus in the weak, the sick, the poor and the suffering

-The Pope

There are many false idols held up today, for christians to be faithful they should not be afraid to go against the current.

-The Pope

We do not possess the truth, the truth possesses us, Christ who is the truth takes us by the hand.

-The Pope

During my time is Dothan, Alabama in an evangelical church there these are the same messages that would be given out love god with all our hearts because he loves us.
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