I have been an intercessors for 40 years and the cry of my heart is, as it always has been 'Lord teach me how to pray'.

During these years I have read most of the books, followed many of the programmes, tried very hard to fit in to the generally accepted patterns of prayer.

Now I have come to rest.

Come to rest by waters so still and deep my soul is satisfied.

I have stopped trying to conform, stopped paying lip service to things my heart does not recognise.

Intercessors are those called by God into this ministry. It is not the same as prayer.

It is both a life time call and a lifestyle. The call is to come into an intimate place where the voice of God sings in our hearts. Eventually no other place satisfies and more and more of life is spent there.

Only those called to intercession will relate to what I am saying.

Please pray for the intercessors you know, they walk a lonely and often misunderstood path.
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4 Responses Jan 26, 2013

I have a similar experience as a Christian and must tell, if you read the Bible and the Quran you will find inner peace with our Creator. People do not have knowledge and Allah (God) is the only One who can give you that feeling "I am at home at last!" I cannot believe I was so blind!

I am unaware of any " special gift " relating to this subject, all Christians are called to be intercessories.

We all have a gift, depend on how we use, greatest gift is love. Pray help give us the gift to know how to help. Gods spirit give us wisdom. Why important we pray for that gift to help us love and help all. U love pray and help others that a gift not all allow it to move them show daily by action and word.

I am not claiming any special gift ... Only a call which is stronger than any other call on my life and which I persue with all my strength.

I do not see a passion for intercession in the life of all believers I know but honour the different calls I do see on their lives.

Prayer help for all, guidence to those who heads it answer. The call goes out, who will go for me? How will they hear? Pray guide leads soul to hope n comfort thats only what those who allow it to touch their heart and move them to act. The spirit can guide and heal all wounds there is nothing it cant do if one allow it daily to speak and fill the heart with divine love

amen from a fellow intercessor