Atheistic Rage: The Constant Need For The Reinforcement Of Disbelief

I was just looking back through many of the last year's post in our “I Am Christian” group and noticed a lot of posts by Atheists. Odd, I don't feel the uncontrollable urge to join the “I Am Atheist” group and post concerning my faith in Jesus Christ! Firstly, that would be lying because I am not an Atheist. Secondly, it would be just plain rude.

Isn't it strange that Atheists spend so much time talking about God? I can bet that most people who claim to be Christian will go about their business all week and not mention God even once! (This isn't a good thing, but it tends to be the case in these modern times.) This doesn't seem to be the case with most Atheists that I have met. For them, the topic of EVERY conversation has to revolve around their personal state of disbelief. It's an obsession to constantly prove to themselves that God doesn't exist.

In the Methodist (Wesleyan Arminian) tradition we teach of God's "prevenient grace". This preceding grace is what awakens, convicts, and draws the sinner to seek salvation in Jesus Christ. We believe that God's gift of salvation is freely available to everyone. The Atheist also feels this call to salvation but can't bear facing the reality of God. This would mean they aren't the center of their selfish and materialistic universe. It seems they have to constantly reinforce their disbelief; even to the point of banding together in organizations that almost seem to be religious in nature. Like naughty children they might as well put their fingers in their ears and yell, “LA LA LA, I CAN'T HEAR YOU!” over and over again. But, God still calls out to them, and deep down in their hearts they know it.

Atheists don't look for evidence of the living God. Their denial spiritually blindfolds them! The physical evidence of our God is all around us. Just like I would explain it to a child, at the simplest level: Something material cannot come into existence out of nothingness. Mathematically 0=0, 0 cannot be made to equal 1. At some point in the distant past there has to be a point of origin and an inspired creative event. Einstein discovered the direct relationship of matter to energy. But, for us to exist you still have to start with matter or energy!

The spiritual evidence of our God is just as obvious. We create moral standards because we are the creation of God. We as the human race have an inherited, instinctive, knowledge of good and evil because God is good and Satan is evil. We have self-awareness because we have immortal souls. The Universe has physical laws because God mandated them. We love because God first loved us.
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Why do people bring up people like Stalin when they try to bash Atheists. There are some bad Atheists, yes. But there are horrible Christians too. Do I need to remind you of the crusades? or Reconquista? Or practically any time during medieval history. For Christ's Sake, during the bubonic plague some places response was to burn jews! And there is a diffference between secular, and atheist.

I am glad that you don't go into other groups and tell them why they are wrong. It annoys me to no end when people surf groups just to argue and put people down. Personally I delete such foolish behavior when ever I find it attached to my stories and then ignore it. I wish more people did so. It would take the fun out of it for those who can not follow the rules

i want to say that just because you dont go into atheist groups and talk about your faith in god it doesnt mean that the same goes for all christians. i have seen both sides. so dont think that religious people are perfect because you have seen SOME atheists get worked up over what they believe compared to others.

i also see that you may have contradicted yourself in your story when you said that it wasnt a good thing that christians can go a whole week without talking about god, but then complained how every atheist has to talk about their disbelief in god. it appears like you are saying only christians can talk about god and atheists cant. if this is truly what you are saying then you are being a hypocrite.

personally i think its stupid to get so worked up over religion, i can never understand why its such a big deal. like i wish people could choose to be atheist or choose to be christian and not try and argue over who is right and who is wrong because the actual reality of it is that no one can ever be sure!!! everyone just needs tolerance and to stop putting pressure on one another.

honestly why cant conversations about religion just stay like "what do you believe in?" "i believe in god" "thats cool. im an atheist." "thats cool too" everything would be so much quieter!!!

and before you start thinking im an atheist, im not. i pick and choose whatever I FEEL is right and i dont force it on others and i dont put a label on myself for my beliefs.

You know what I find strange, is that you can talk about the most sickest things on Ep especially when it comes to sex and people esp men will be so understanding and wanting to friend you. But as soon as someone mentions God, people go bullistic. In not into religion, but do believe in a God, and think we should be tolerant of peoples beliefs, and not attack them....

Stop attacking me, some people don't believe in a god, some do, like I said have some respect for other peoples belief. I don't appreciate being attacked like a possessed demon so I will not engage with you. F off....

Biblical tolerance does have boundaries: We are not to excuse sin or falsehood or embrace ungodly behaviors. Tolerance is a biblical virtue, but it is different than the world's understanding of tolerance.

2 John 10-11 If anyone comes to you and does not bring this teaching, do not receive him into your house or give him any greeting, for whoever greets him takes part in his wicked works.

**** off douche, you just generalized 5% of America saying they all do that when in reality very few of them do, because if they did openly profess to being atheist they would b treated as untouchable

Well put

Nice Avatar... Knights Templar marching off to the "Holy Lands" to butcher by the tens and hundreds of thousands. Wielding their swords against those that refuse to believe as they believe.

Suits you...

interesting point of view... but unsustainable. Can equally argue if crusaders all stay home world better place. if all chalk turn to cheese world is better place! if you like cheese. If christians dominate world is better place for christians only - which is very unchristian point of view!

Very true

Agreed. It is scary, but true. Christians are most often labeled as the most hateful by the press and non-Christian folk. This is because those who rebuke God hate Him. Christians throughout the world are the most oppressed group of believers around. Funny how it was atrocious for the "Christians" to attempt retaking their holy land 800 years ago... But Christians being put to death for their beliefs in Africa, China, and much of the Middle East is never mentioned in an argument with an atheist, they label it geneocide and not what it truly is religiocide.