Another One Afraid Of The Truth

For all the Roots cult.

yeah and Christ already told John in that verse I gave you that many antichrists have already risen.

so yes, you did reject. no ifs ands or buts about it.

anyways, from this point on i might block you since you are vehemently wasting my precious time trying to feed me with endless nonsense and irrelevance. it clear to me that you are a supporter of the false apostle, but that's okay. it's free will. so get a ******* life."
But Jesus didn't say they would all bear the mark 666, Revelations says there will be one and you will not be able to buy or sell without. The world is still buying and selling without the mark, so Paul or nobody else has come yet bearing the mark. 

"so get a ******* life."    Cussing, that's a real Christian action there.  Do you think Jesus would talk like that?

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we need to pray for his salvation

Most definitely.

Is this about that guy who attacked Paul?

Yes that would be him. He has become confused by all that new age stuff he reads.

Somebody who tosses out half the New Testament shouldn't be posting in this group.

Agreed, lots of things posted here that don't belong.

I have no fear of the truth but many bible thumpers really do, as they do not want to hear what others say
but then again, look at the damages churches do to children and the abuse that has gone on in the name of god and the use of god to make a child fear telling the truth to others and yes that is the main reason for how I feel about churches.

Only those who believe the lies of the adversary the devil are afraid of the truth.

A lot of ungodly things are done in His name to distort the truth, which why we must teach sound doctrine.

I am safe then I do not believe the lies or how the church present god and Jesus

There are a number of good churches that teach sound doctrine, we just have to seek God to send us to the right one.

That may be true I at this point have just never found what I am looking for, but I also do not judge other. I am sure God know's my true heart and feeling and my respect for him, by what he has done for me and those I care for.
I am very certain when that roll is called up yonder, I will be there to answer, and he will be pleased on how I have lived my life, just as I am confident he will be pound on my gf family for how they brought me up and changed the track I was on to help many others even if god did take my wife at age 19.

Scripture tells us not to forsake the assembling. Hebrews 10:25
It is easy for Satan to pick off lone Christians.

Once again, we are back to how a man as rewritten the words to please them as if you are in a church you pay 10% I think it is so once again it is about something other then the word it is about cash.

Scriptures tells us to tithe. God is only asking for 10% back of what is 100% His anyway.

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