Please Support The Traditional Definition Of Marriage

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Naw, we should support the original definition of marriage, with multiple men and multiple women. Death to monogamy! (lol)

I support the definition that marriage is between one man and one woman. So, how do I judge myself knowing that I have been "married" 4 times? I judge myself not worthy to judge. There is one judge.... and it's not me. Peace.

I support the traditional definition of marriage. I also support the alternative definitions of marriage.

There is no contradiction between the two.

I support it too.

Sounds more like humanism, that Christian.

Humanism is a group of philosophies and ethical perspectives which emphasize the value and agency of human beings, individually and collectively, and generally prefers individual thought and evidence (rationalism, empiricism) over established doctrine or faith

@hylierandom. Things go awry in nature, that is why some babies the body miscarries or why some may be stillborn or something is wrong. If you bake a cake and it comes out lopsided, is that way you made it or did something go awry which not the way you designed it?

God provided a way out of any"torture" but it is His way out, not ours.

So you are saying God is incompetent? Or not in control of his results? I was told he's omnipotent, according to y'all.

Being able to do something(having the power to do it) doesn't mean they force that power on anybody. God set the laws of nature in place to function a certain way. He can certainly intervene if that is according to His will.

@inher No body is forcing anything on anybody. Who would go to a Lawrence Welk show if they didn't like that kind of music. Folks come to a group labeled Christian, and then expect Christians to not talk about what the Word of God says?

They don't have to listen, they are just as free to leave the conversation as they were when they joined it. The choice is theirs.

John was beheaded for telling Herod about his sin. John was beheaded for speaking the truth. A truth Herod didn't want to hear.

There are many post where i have told about God's love and forgiveness. They are not going to accept that if they don't believe God is loving and forgiving, if they don't believe He exists. Sin is where you start, how can you expect God to forgive you of sin, when you don't recognize and admit that you have sinned?

Where has anyone not been given the chance to say what they feel? They just don't like the truth of what God said about it.

I am going to give them what the WORD says, not white wash, sugar coat it, water it down, dumb it down. That is what the religious folks due to keep the members from leaving. That is why so many churches don't teach what is in the bible, because people don't want to hear it, nor live it.

And churches who do teach what the bibles says,, yeah some of them leave.

If you know what it says about sin, then why do you go against and support a lifestyle that is against what the bible says?

Like i said earlier, if they aren't ready to listen,, they can leave the conversation the same way the came into it, by their choice.

It ain't about me, so it doesn't matter who if they listen to me or not. The seed was planted, the truth of God's Word went out. God's Word does not return void.
Also Jesus tells us in John 4

37 For here the saying holds true, ‘One sows and another reaps.’ 38 I sent you to reap that for which you did not labor. Others have labored, and you have entered into their labor.

How about how it grieves the heart of God? So you care more about you and how they feel, than how God feels?

You want them to be happy in this life and then endure the wrath of God for eternity.

Jesus said He came so nobody would have to face God's wrath, but you don't love them enough to not want that for them. All you care about is if they are happy, no matter if that happiness is leading them down a path of destruction.

You are placing their humanness over the holiness of God.

Still you are either on God's side or you not.
Jesus said:
Matthew 12:30 whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.

1 John 2:15-16
Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world—the desires of the flesh and the desires of the eyes and pride in possessions—is not from the Father but is from the world.

1 John 3:10
By this it is evident who are the children of God, and who are the children of the devil: whoever does not practice righteousness is not of God, nor is the one who does not love his brother.

Revelation 3:15-16
“‘I know your works: you are neither cold nor hot. Would that you were either cold or hot! So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth.

That's just a cop out. Just like people use don't judge as a cop out to not deal with their sin, but to excuse it as a free ride to continue in their sin.

And yet you are still here talking, aren't you?

Since I keep getting notifications about this, I figure it's time for me to give my two cents. You have no right to bring Inherownwords faith. Nor do you as a true Christian have the right to judge Sin. As said in the Bible, God is the only one to judge Sin, and faith. Not you, not the people , God. Have all the opinions you want, but you haven't the right to let those opinions affect the lives of others.

Where did I say I judged it? I have only said what God said about it.. God said it is sin, and I repeated it. So where did I say I was judging it? God defined what is is sin, and He said how He is going to deal with sin.

But it is OK for the opinions of homosexuals and those who side with them to redefine what God has defined?

I don't believe God cares about that as much as you think He does. And I don't believe in your God, so my answer is a resounding "Yes!"

If you don't believe in God, then how would you know what He cares about?

What y'all fail to understand is what is righteous judgement(God's) and what is personal (opinion) judgement.

John 7:24 Jesus says: “Do not judge according to appearance, but judge righteous judgment.” What Jesus does tell us is not to judge by our own opinions, but instead judge by the word of God, that is what it means to judge righteously.

I do believe in God, but not your vengeful one. So your quotes from scripture mean nothing to me.

Then you believe in an idol. I guess your parents never held you accountable for actions, or dished out any consequences when you disobeyed them.

I can't tell you how rude it is for you to bring my parents into question. That is none of your business, and you certainly have no right to even speculate on how my mother, and father raised me. You believe I follow an Idol, and I know I follow the real God. Your opinion on my beliefs doesn't matter to me. And on the off chance I am wrong, then I will gladly go to Hell, because I most certainly do not belong in your God's heaven.

It is a simple yes or no question. Either they have or they haven't.

None of us are worthy for heaven, but the blood shed by Jesus on the cross makes us all worthy, because He is worthy. All we have to do is repent, accept Jesus as Savior and follow Jesus to get to heaven.

I am not going to tell you how my parents raised me because it is both irrelevant, and none of your business. And I will not repent for something I don't think needs repenting. And if God has a problem with, I really couldn't care less. If God is really who you say He is, then perhaps Lucifer was right.

It is relevant, answer the question and you will see.

Lucifer is the father of lies.

I am really not at liberty to tell you how I was raised. I dislike your premature judgement on their methods. I will not stand by, and watch you use my parents as your evidence to explain me.

And what is prohibiting your liberty? Why, afraid of the answer or the truth?

But it is ok for you to be rude and premature judgement of my Father?

How exactly do you think I was raised? Are you just trying figure out whether or not I was raised in a religious home or not?

And yes, it is okay for me to as you put it disrespect your God because you disrespected mine.

No I am not trying to figure out if you were raised in a religious home or not.
And just where did I go and disrespect your god?

Calling Him an Idol is not exactly respectful.

A rose is a rose is a rose. Worshiping anything god but Jehovah is idol worship. And your god is dead, unless you are worshiping Satan.

Not to be side tracked, still waiting on your answer about if your parents held you accountable for actions, or dished out any consequences when you disobeyed them.

I hate to answer this, but yes, of course my parents disciplined me. I was always held accountable for my actions, and I always learned from it.

Then your parents are obviously vengeful too.

I am not sure if you understand the definition of vengeance, or what being vengeful really is. Punishment, and consequences are not acts of vengeance. Vengeance is for example, a member of your family is murdered. You have two choices, watch the person go to prison, ie punishment. Or you can take vengeance and do the same to that person as they did to you. Vengeance is retaliation, not punishment.

It is also retribution
: punishment for doing something wrong

And I bet if someone harmed you, they would want to protect you from further harm from that person.

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@hardy..... Yes He loves us, but He didn't die on a cross for us to continue in our sins.

The wages of sin are death.

There is not one single encounter in the bible that anyone had with Jesus where He said to continue as you are/were. He said GO AND SIN NO MORE!

Scripture also said that if we love God we will keep Hid commandments. Sexual sin is not keeping His commandments.

Ims as you grow older, you may grow wiser. So many of us have the same views when we were your age. Call it whatever you like........ You can't stand the truth. But hey it's not me stepping on your toes, as my feet are right here in my spot.

My sister wants to be part of a plural marriage, I support her 100 percent.

got bored and tired of arguing since nothing will ever get through since were so opposite on the spectrum of what is actually real and i got tired all the notifications. since majority came from you i stopped them

i deleted it because the women was causing drama and really didn't understand god loves all his children equal.

Yeah and it's not right


No, the whole world didn't, for there a great number of Christians and even some non believers who know God is right.

And who is the world, can the world save you from your sin?

@Ims Classic behavior. Insults, name call and then block the person...alll because you can't stand the truth.

Again different types of love? Do you love your father?

I try to make it a point to stay out of groups that I don't agree with, however someone I know commented on this and so it showed up in my news feed. With that being said, let me say a few things

1st) Gay marriage is a legal matter. They are fighting for the legal rights awarded to married couples, it's not a matter of religion. Yet even with the constitutional rule of separation of church and state (i'm going with the US. It's a rule that should be followed everywhere) people still think they have a right to use their religion to control the law. Why is that?

2nd) Traditional marriage consisted of young girls getting married at the moment they were old enough to get their period to men that were over a decade older than them. Polygamy was also considered natural and marriage was in order to populate. Which under that logic, and continuing to follow "tradition", all barren women would be killed. You seriously think we should follow traditional marriage then?

3rd) What makes your faith any more right than any other? Paganism was around thousands of years before any form or religion related to Christianity. What makes yours right/true/real and no one else's? Why should everyone be forced to succumb to one religion that may or may not be true? That they may or may not believe?

Now, these are serious questions, and I hope for some serious answers.

1. The legal aspect. We are to place God's commandments higher/over man's.
2.. That may be of ancient cultures, but that is not what God defined.
Also look at the average life expectancy of people in the past.

Pagan gods are dead, there is only One true and Living God.

Pagan gods are not dead. Where did you get that? And you still haven't provided why your faith is any more real than any other. Why should everyone be forced to follow the "laws" of someone that they don't believe. You'd be shocked at how many people actually don't follow christianity. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that no Christian truly follows every letter of their laws. There's a reason the USA has separation of church and state. Because they understand free will. The freedom to worship whomever they please. And so they know they can't use any one religion to control everyone in three country. So stop trying to shove your beliefs down others' throats. Just accept everyone for who they are. Love thy neighbor. judge not lest you be judged yourself. No sin is worse than any other. Given all that, you shouldn't be spreading any of this hate.

And just what pagan god is alive? What pagan god lived, died and rose again on the 3rd day? No, I am not shocked at the number of non-believers. I see it everyday. Just because the US has a reason, doesn't make the US greater than God or anyone else.

True you can worship anyone you like, however God will judge you for that.

Judge not....most misquoted scripture. God has already judged sin, and Christians tells someone what the scriptures say is not passing judgement on them. It is merely telling them what God said. Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.

God is judge of unbelievers.
But 2 Tim 3:16 says 16 All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, 17 that the man of God[a] may be complete, equipped for every good work.

That is for believer to believer. Scripture is for correction, instruction. Just read Paul's letters to the saints(believers) that is exactly what Paul is doing. Rebuking, correcting and instructing.

That is the....most bull **** excuse to why you think pagan gods ate dress. They are no more "dead" than your "god". And you have yet to prove why your religion is anymore right than any other. If God is all forgiving, none if this should be a problem.

Which pagan god is alive? Which pagan god lived died and rose again?

That does not mean a pagan god is dead. Like i said, most bull **** excuse as to why they would be dead. Gods are immortal. Your god didn't die. His MORTAL son did.

Which one is alive? Which one has ever lived? Which one rose from the dead?

"Which pagan god is alive? Which pagan god lived died and rose again?"
Osiris. You of course deny that Osiris died and was resurrected. Well, what proof have you got other than a book of fairytales, no more valid than the older fairytales of Egypt?

And just how many lives has Osiris transformed? How many sick has he healed?

Christianity is not a religion. It is a relationship. Pagan gods, how can you have a personal relationship with a god who has no ears to hear(when you pray), no lips to speak, and no eyes to see?

Are you daft?! Pagan gods have ears and moths just like your "god". Parisian is a relationship with mother earth and father sky. it's a relationship with the goddess within you. It's a relationship with the gods and goddesses that are worshiped. You are ignorant to think otherwise.

Without the love of Jesus all one has is to hurl insults and name calling.

Still waiting on which pagan god is alive? How can an inanimate object have ears that hear or lips to speak?

I call you ignorant for saying that pagan gods have no ears or mouths. They do. Mother earth, father sky. They are just as real as your "God". Probably more so. There's also Nyx. Isis. "when the mother goddess Isis was reborn, her powers were unsurpassed." You have yet to prove how christianity is more right than any other religion/faith/relationship/whatever you want to call it. They have mouths and ears. Same as your "god". And like your god, they have come down and had children with human women. Those children then went on to be heroes. Try again.

The earth has ears? Where are the ears of the earth located? Where is the sky's lips, ear? Heroes are not god. There is only one way to be reborn....through the blood of Jesus.

And once again you can't prove it. Mother earth and father sky are the all. The god and goddess. They have a true form as much as your god. Isis WAS reborn. Long before Jesus' mother was a developing cell. Long before her mothers mother was a cell.

What isn't accounted for in the Bible is the fact that christianity didn't exist for thousands of years. It doesn't account for the fact that long before the idea of Adam and eve people were wearing clothing. Lint before them they had names for animals.

Still waiting on those living pagan gods. Can't prove what? Where are the earth's ears? Where is the sky's? You haven't proven that?

Which pagan god created the universe? Created earth and sky?

The All created everything. The god and Goddess. I named multiple. You haven't proven what makes christianity right. You haven't provided any ounce of evidence that christianity is right and paganism us wetting. Or Buddhism. Or Hinduism. Or wiccan. I'm not saying your wrong. What I'm saying is that until there is absolute proof that god is real, only those that believe have to follow his laws. I can tell you, I've been to church. I tried to believe in god. But every once of my being tells me he isn't real. So why should i be subjected to his ruling in a country that seperates church and state, knowing that god may or may not be real.

How can all of them created everything? Each one would create it differently according to their wishes. Budda is dead. There is proof of God all around us. However you are seeking Him with your limited carnal mind.

Satan lies to all us, and tells the lie we are most likely to believe.

The First Amendment never intended to separate Christian principles from government. yet we so often hear the First Amendment couples with the phrase "separation of church and state." The First Amendment simply states:

"Congress shall make no law respecting and establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."

Obviously, the words "separation," "church," or "state" are not found in the First Amendment; furthermore, that phrase appears in no founding document.
Even our founding fathers who did not profess to be Christian saw the need for a moral society.

The all is not every god and goddess. It is the god and goddess. Mother barrie and father sky. And how else would you explain the diversity of earth? multiple views. I am not seeking God. I asked Jesus into my heart. I was forced to. The write time i rescued what i was told. My SOUL was telling me this was not real. You can be moral without following christianity.

You can also be immoral and follow christianity

You said ALL, we are talking about pagan gods, there are 1000's of them. So which one created the universe?

You still haven't told where the earth's ears are? We can see the earth from land and from outer space, so where are the ears?

No one can force you to accept Jesus. If it was forced, it most likely was not real, because Jesus would not come by force. When you have a personal intimate encounter (not forced) it transforms you.

And what do most of the morals of our society look like?

The Word of God.

It is against God and the laws of this land to kill.
It is against God and the laws of this land to steal.
It is against God and the laws of this land to commit adultrey.
It is against God and the laws of this land to bear false witness(lie under oath/slander)

I said "The All" as is the term for mother earth and father sly. They are NOT earth. That is a name for them.

Yes. I do. I'm wiccan. and how don't they? They provide fertility, the created earth. How does your God benefit humanity? Judging everyone for their actions? Damning them to hell? And his followers spreading hate against anyone who disagrees

^^i am of no religion but i agree with cermarie. where is gods love when all the children were shot at sandy hook why didnt he protect them. where was he when the hurricanes ruined jersery. where was he when wars broke out for the past ten years.. i see no proof that "god" loves us and is around us

All of us are only here for a span of time, and only God knows that number. And only God knows how the death of those children will be used for His purpose and Glory.

The religious crowd of jesus's day was looking for proof to, and denied the proof that was right among them. They were looking through their carnal eyes with a carnal mind.

Really, the earth can make you fertile? How does the earth do that? Still waiting on you to show us where the ears are.

Did your parents ever discipline you, spank you for disobeying them?

there is not truth is Christianity. its a blind faith that a whole bunch of people follow blindly with no physical evidence. so god is selfish as well he ended those innocent young children for his own needs. real nice guy you idiots follow

We are not blind, for our eyes have been opened. There is plenty of physical evidence, but the carnally blind can't see it.

God created them, and so God gets to decide when to bring them to be with Him. To be with God is way better than anything this "physical" life has to offer.

yeahh i dont think so.

What you think doesn't change God.

you right i know he doesnt exist.

fuckk no. the day i want to believe in a made up man that controls my life id rather shoot myself. i would never become one of you mindless idiots. who blindly follow a made up book about someone no one has ever seen. im good being an atheist

So, if you claim to be a Christian are you going to stand up for what God said, or you going to be like Peter and deny it. You are placing the rights of men above the commandments of God.

and thats the way is should be rights over bull shitt

The families that have been ripped apart by it are hurting. And the sin of murder is not hurting the black community?

Homicide is far and away the leading cause of death for young black men, more than car accidents, suicide and diseases combined. That's not hurting anybody, right?

Sin is what God judges, and societies where such wickedness was found paid the consequences.......

Examples of this all through the bible.

Let me ask you this, should adults have the right to have sex with children?

Just because it has not happened to you or your family does not mean that is the case with every other family.

I asked you do they (adults) have the RIGHT to have sex with children? Answer the question and you'll see what it has to do with it.

Well, why shouldn't they have the right? Little children is who they love, sex with little children makes them happy.

Did you know that there is a group of folks who are pushing for that right, because if homosexuals can have the right, then pedophiles should too.
Would giving this group be harmful to anyone?

It starts with homosexual rights and then where does it end? See how it is harmful?

So you will support ********* rights too?


I believe you have posted elsewhere that you support homosexual rights. So if you support their rights you must support p-e-do-phfile rights too.

What about a p-e-do-phfile's human rights? Don't they too have the right to be with the ones they love?
Or are you going to discriminate against them? Where is your tolerance for letting them be who there are?

I'm Spiteri, Parisian, was a typo. they happen. And your inert goddess is the goddess (or God) you worship the most. You don't worship yourself. Mother earth is the goddess. Not earth itself. The fact that i have said this multiple times shows your ignorance. As well, truth. Show me this truth that shows christianity is right. The Bible? it's a book of he said she said basically. It's all here say. Just because Moses claimed to talk to a burning bush, doesn't mean it's true. Alcohol or any number of substances around for millennium could have caused a hallucination. If someone said stuff like that now a data, we'd call them crazy. There's also no way a boat could of held 2 of every single creature on earth. Otherthan a few biblical figures, there really is no proof that any of it happened. I guarantee marry had sex before marriage and used that excuse to cover up her "sin"

Have you ever seen Mother earth? Where are her ears?

have you seen god. i dont think so

No one can look at God and live, but I have seen evidence of Him, and have a personal relationship with Him?

Have you ever seen Mother earth?

yes shes all around us. the trees the water mountains. id rather believe in mother earth than what you call "god"

and what eveidence do you have of him being real

Because there are things I talk to Him about and nobody else knows these things but Him. He answers and reveals the answers and meets my needs that no one else knows about. My God can heal the body when medical science and man can not.

Gave you ever seen God? Not his son, but God? No you haven't. And you've never really seen Jesus. You've seen a depiction of him. And ask who? God? I can't ask someone who doesn't exist. I prayed. I tried. He never once answered a prayer. add i felt ridiculous because i have always known that i will never think him to be real.

How do you know He didn't answer? Sometimes He answers, but not according to the way we think it should be answered. Sometimes the answer is no, but it is still an answer. Your problem appears to be that you are trying to mold God into what you want Him to be, instead of letting God mold you into what He wants you to be.

You aren't God or a god, it ain't about you or me.

No, there was no answer. Nothing happened. and why should i be molded into something that isn't me? Just to appease a silly god. If you were all about loving thy l neighbor this would stop. If God really loved all his crayons, he wouldn't care. You can't love someone conditionally. Everyone in a relationship with God is in an abusive one if it means they have to be molded to appease him.

Could have been and answer and you just didn't recognize it. God doesn't do things the way we think it should be done. If we didn't love you, we wouldn't tell you the truth.

Most people don't like the truth, no matter where it comes from.

If being Gary was unnatural, it wouldn't be present in OVER 500 DIFFERENT species on earth. Only one species has a religion used to bash/murder (crusades) anyone that doesn't follow it.

Sorry *being gay

Animals were not made in God's image, so for them it is not sin.

We are animals. Biologically speaking. It's a natural thing. The only "choice" that makes it a "sin" is deciding to be themselves. I'm done fighting this. You might be closed minded, but you have no right to force you're religious beliefs on others. Gay marriage is a legal matter.the only reason gay marriage "destroys" family, is because they have to ignore their true identity because of people like you. A homosexual family is no different than anyone else's excepting that they have two moms or dads.

Yes we are animals too, but the point remains we are the only ones created in God's image. The rest of the animals it is not sin.

Also some of this behavior is animals is no more than
male social organization and social dominance.

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Do you want to ban all forms of marriage other than heterosexual? What is the point of this?

Why yes, he does want to keep marriage a privilege.

The point is that is the way GOD defined marriage.

So how will only allowing heterosexual marriage affect you?

Disobeying God affects all of society, not just one person. There are consequences when society/culture disobeys God.

So it has no provable harmful affect on anyone. I think we are done here.

It does have harmful affects on families and culture as a whole.

what harmful affects does it have please tell me how it personally affects your day to day life

It doesn't have to affect me personally or on a daily basis. It ain't about me. It has caused lots of division in many families.

Not to mention any medical issues that may arise.

oh now your a doctor..what your insight on the medical reason

god didnt define marriage. people who wrote the bible decided it. there for its bs

The people wrote what God instructed them to write.

If you told me what you wanted to say and asked me to write it ( a book, paper, etc) and I wrote it down, would I be the author or would you be the author?

And Jesus died a brutal, horrible death on a cross to pay for all sexual sins. His flesh was ripped open and He bled to free us all from all our sins and bondage or addiction.

He didn't suffer and die, so we could continue in the desires of our flesh.

He is the God of such transformations!

I desire the flesh all the time and i indulge with my boyfriend on those acts all the time and its wonderful.. bondage is the best actually i sin sexually all the time and i love it so i guess he wasted his time

No He didn't count a waste, He counted it as love.

That's the point, you have to repent(turn from your sin), not continue in it. Some are sinners, others are saints (who sin) there is a difference. True God does not want us to suffer, however, He has set forth His standards and morals, His ways to live holy consecrated lives that bring Him honor and glory. He has defined how to avoid His wrath, and those who will receive it.

sounds like you christians have a pretty boring life. sucks for you

That may be true, but we can still not call right what God has called wrong.

then why is it such an issue for homosexuals to marry. if "god" loves everyone wouldnt he want them happy in any what that is. also the bible says we should stone people if commited of a crime and yet none still enforces that. you people always just cherry pick and its ridiculous. another point society has changed in the past hundred of years. so does the book. the constitution changes all the time the "bible" should too

That is OT law. The bible trumps the constitution. We are to obey God over obeying man. No really society has not changed. All the bible it tells us of how society acted. And all societies that think and behave live we do faced God's judgment and wrath if they did not repent.

the bible can suck it. the constituiton is how everyone it protected to do what we please. the bible is an *** backwards way of living. it offers not freedom or tolerance of anyone who is different. and people who a dumb enough to take it word for word are ignorant inbreed and classless.

Ims.... Then you know nothing of the bible or the one it points to!

i dont want to know the bible its filled with made up stories that people told and it ruins everything. wars and innocent people dies cause of that stupid book and i think we should just burn them

If you don't want to know the bible, might not be a good idea to hang out in a group called Christian. Because we will tell you what it says, rather we or you like what it says.

No wars and innocent people die because humans heart are full of evil.

are you that Fuccking dumb.. what were the crusades about..the christians wantedthe holy lands. what was 9/11 about Alaha and a Jihad the nazis wiped out a million+ jews because of the RELIGION... holy crap you ignorant fucck read a history book instead of your made up one.

Are that dumb, you can't carry on a conversation without cussing? The crusades were not carried out by true followers of Christ.

Just because one calls themselves a Christian, does not mean they are, so anything they do in God's name, doesn't mean God ordained it.

I've read plenty, and lived way more history than you.

and where do they get the idea..from reading the BIBLE. they believe they are fighting FOR god not over him

and yet they are all the same. religion ruins everything

Doesn't matter what they believe if God didn't send them.

Only Jesus is perfect, and to be like Him is our target. Just because we are imperfect is no excuse and does not give us a free ride to continue in sin and deny the power of Jesus to transform us to be like Him.

2 CORIN 5:9-10
So whether we are at home or away, we make it our aim to please him. For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each one may receive what is due for what he has done in the body, whether good or evil.

That is the way it seems. Seems as if there is no consecration after salvation. Christians are to be set apart from the world. If we continue to dress like the world, talk like the world, live like the world, we are not set apart, we are still the same as the world, the same as our old selves.

If they are Christian and in a bible teaching church, if they are disobeying scripture, it should be brought to their attention, administered in love.

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Omg does it even matter anymore? I was married twice. Once to a cheater and once to a beater. They never "upheld the sanctity of marriage" by being total douchebags. The only thing that's going to happen by legalizing gay marriages is the divorce rate will go up. Because even gay people break up.

I usually don't make comments on the merits of someone else's religion, however I will make a comment about the validity of asserting one religion's definition of marriage as a universal requirement that everyone should or must follow. That is a losing argument. People who believe in that religion will obey its teachings. People who don't believe that religion are not going to be persuaded by asserting it as a basis of justification. These days, a growing minority of people say they don't belong to Christian religion, and even among those who claim to belong, its been a long time since Christians had a cohesive theology and belief structure. The wars and disagreements between and among Christians have been very bloody over centuries.

So asserting that some hypothetical "Christian" definition of marraige must be universal code of law is a LOSE argument. It diverts focus and understanding of the underlying meaning and purpose of marriage, a purpose and meaning that is apparently as old as the human species, and perhaps even older. The meaning and purpose of marriage was well known when writing was invented and King Hammurabi wrote down his laws on marriage. Real marriages are biological joining of two families in blood. They create and raise the next generation of the tribe, clan, village, city or nation. When you lose sight of the meaning and purpose and blather about this religion or that, you cannot win arguments with non-religious people or with religious people of other religions. Its a lose argument.

Marriage and family is NOT about religion, your religion, or my religion. Marriage and famliy is about our future and the future of our whole society and race.

<p>The true definition of marriage is the biological union that creates children and joins two families in blood. The basis for marriage is the creation of children who carry the blood of both families. Real marriage in similar form has been supported by every successful human tribe, clan, village, society, religion, city, state, and nation for thousands of years more years than any recorded history or modern religion. Religions and societies that failed to support real marriage, such as the Shakers (a Christian sect) all fail and go extinct. Polygamy has also been a form of real marraige for many thousand years, and still is in many lands. Marriage is not from this religion or that religion, but about real families and children, about the future of the whole society.</p>

never will support

you do know there are more heterosexual divorces the homosexual right? so dont go around saying it should be man a women cause the sanctity of marriage no longer exists...people get married and then divorced even faster so really your an idiot

Um that wouldnt have anything to do with the fact that there are still more straight marriges than gay ones would it?

only because ignorant people like you give them such **** about it..stuck living in the 60\'s the worlds changing deal with it. 50% of marriages fail. most are from straight couples. id prefer more successful and happy gay marriages then straight marriages that get divorced in less than a year.

do you think....scratch that, you suppose the number of hetero divorces are higher because up until recently homo's haven't been able to marry!
I know that's a stretch for you but give logic a try..

Homosexuals have been able to get married. In limited areas, but still allowed. And no, you know why homosexuals aren't getting divorced, it's because everything is harder for them so every thing is planned out much more than that of a heterosexual couple who just lives in the moment. Every aspect in a homosexual relationship is planned for. Marriage, home, children. They don't have the liberty of just waking up, ferrying married and getting pregnant. That's why there's fewer homosexual divorces. Tell me again why they don't deserve to get married but Kim kardashian does and isn't a threat to traditional marriage.

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I believe in equality and that God made us equal. Thus I believe that every man who is married shall be equally married to a woman.<br />
<br />
Marriage. One man. One woman.<br />
<br />
Its not about law nor about religion. Its about absolute; not relative as New Agers with their media manufactured agenda (Along with their homo agenda) warps things into spuriously and mischievously; again realitive truth.<br />
<br />
Homosexuality is corruption of marriage<br />
<br />
Look at the rise of promiscuity in the media. Miley Cyrus is a most recent soul lost with her recent "we cant stop" and rejection of Jesus on twitter.<br />
<br />
No surprise that she was an star of Disney targeting children just like the rest of Disneys kidnappers such as Britney spears and Justin timberlake. And no surprise that lgbt is affiliated with Disney.<br />
<br />
The illuminati wants you gay <br />
<br />
Gay = lack of reproduction= population control<br />
<br />
Monsanto = population control<br />
<br />
Abortion = population control<br />
<br />
Fluoride in food, water, drugs, etc= population control<br />
<br />
Lead in toys = population control<br />
<br />
Food recalls, false flag attacks, and more.<br />
<br />
"Keep the population under 500000" -the Georgia Guidestones

Thank you Yousef could not have said it better myself. Blessings Snigglefluffy

Only if you're an media-manipulated ill minded individual would you think so.

Christianity is no mere religion. """What makes you think I want all your sacrifices?” says the Lord.“I am sick of your burnt offerings of rams    and the fat of fattened cattle. I get no pleasure from the blood    of bulls and lambs and goats. When you come to worship me,    who asked you to parade through my courts with all your ceremony? Stop bringing me your meaningless gifts; the incense of your offerings disgusts me!As for your celebrations of the new moon and the Sabbath and your special days for fasting—they are all sinful and false. I want no more of your pious meetings. I hate your new moon celebrations and your annual festivals.  They are a burden to me. I cannot stand them! When you lift up your hands in prayer, I will not look.Though you offer many prayers, I will not listen,    for your hands are covered with the blood of innocent victims. Wash yourselves and be clean!    Get your sins out of my sight. Give up your evil ways. Learn to do good.  Seek justice. Help the oppressed.    Defend the cause of orphans.  Fight for the rights of widows. “Come now, let us reason,”    says the Lord.“Though your sins are like scarlet,    I will make them as white as snow.Though they are red like crimson,    I will make them as white as wool.""" (Isaiah 1:11-18) It is a relationship with truth. When Christianity began, the Romans tried to suppress it but they could not stop the Gospel in which the prophets foretold. So the Romans decided to infiltrate Christianity to turn it into religion. That is why we have Catholicism which has tainted it with astrology (occult perversion of astronomy) birthing rather spurious claims like those of Zeitgeist, who says Christ was born the 25th to create the deception of parallelism to other religions; and more woefully Bill Maher with his fictitious "anup the baptister" claim. The most deception is shed on Christianity but truth the gospel endures forever. It is attacked and mocked, but it continue to redeem many. And that is Jesus Christ, the Messiah, died on the cross and was ressurected on the third day to free us from sin and to save us. | |

Its stupid ***** like you that make Hate in the world...

Don‘t be ironically ad hominem-us.

Besides here is straight from the gay horse‘s mouth. British gay journalist
Simon Fanshawe admitted "are we just swimming around in a sewer which we’re just sort of saying is normal?"

Acts 16:25-31. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved.

I have a suggestion Ghost,but,this isnt the place for it!

One of my grand daughters was crushed to see Hanna Montana acting the way she just did on TV.

I wonder.... Was it ephisians who said being gay was bad, or was it god? Well idgaf bc equality means men and woman are equal, so if man is equal to woman, then man is therefore equal to man, but love isnt a math problem where whatever equals whatever. If you think love is just an equation, dont bother on dictating who can love who, you insignifcant collection on worthless microscopic particles and atoms

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I have always supported it and always will.

Thanks for your bold support for marriage, I join the French group in London a couple of months ago on a pro-marriage rally.

You are very welcome. I have been working to take a stand for what I beleive in on EP and other social media sites

once we started adding words to marriage (same-sex, opposite-sex, gay, traditional,etc) the word was bastardized. This is a moot point, fighting for the preservation of tradition. Marriage has been defined as that between a man and a woman for thousands of years. Right, wrong,or indifferent. The question is:are you going to continue fighting over a word when our entire country is under attack from within? We as Americans are having our rights eroded and our constitution destroyed, but yeah, let's continue to fight over whether a couple men or women who can't procreate but want to be treated as though they can should have the title of being "married."

I do support men and woman being married, I also support men&men, women&women, and trans. I support loving families of different cultures, races, and religions. I do not support a religion telling other people how they should live their lives, and if you think that God would be happy that you are creating pain and wanting to cut apart people who love each other than I think you have a lot to learn in life.

We shouldn't let religion tell us anything religion is dead. God is alive and created us and He has the right to define His standards.

Yes Maam!

Im against it,but im not gonna fight it.Its gonna happen.Obama is paving the way to the end.In a way its Biblical. As it was in the days of Noah....Things are only gonna get worse.Soon Obama will look like a cub scout.Why waste time on those who will never listen?There are to many others who will.

What are you against?

Same sex marraige

What I will still never understand. Liberals are usually called the big government supporters, and yet people are still supporting illegalizing something that would require the government to be quite big. Someone please tell me I'm just going crazy.

Polygamy is a valid and ancient form of real marriage supported by most religions. Polygamy is a real marriage that creates children and joins families in blood. Polygamy is important when many men have been killed in wars or some other disaster.

Omg! Just the thought of more than 1 wife makes My head hurt!

Especially when straight Mormons come into the picture.

Marriage is the biological union that creates children and joins two families in blood. Real marriage is far older than any modern religion or nation. Real marriage has always been supported by every successful clan, tribe, village, city, or nation. Real marriage has always been supported by every successful religion from the oldest tribal shaman to all the modern religions. Any group that fails to support real marriage ends up like the Shakers -- extinct. The social disaster already being suffered by children and families needs to be reversed, not destroyed entirely.


I support the tradition before this one.

Rabbits don't have cuds.
If you don't know why I wrote that. Then you don't know enough about Christianity to argue for it.

It has nothing to do with Easter or the Easter Bunny. If you are using your religion to defend your beliefs then you can't seperate the two. If you don't understand the rabbit comment, then you are not well-versed in Leviticus, the book from which you are quoting as source material. If you don't know and understand the sacred texts of your religion, you really aren't in a position to use it as an argument.
And again, you skirted the question. Which "Traditions" should we follow? Can my husband and I share a house when I'm menstrating? Since I haven't had a child yet, if my husband dies, I am still considered the family's property and will be married to the oldest, closest, unmarried male in the family. You don't get to pick and choose. Or if someone does, I still think it would be some who understands the rabbit comment

But rabbits don't have cuds. That's a pretty big mistake for the Guy who made them to make.
I'm sorry you find Leviticus dry. And I have read the New Testament many times. It's why I converted to Judaism.
And AGAIN you didn't answer the question. Who are you, or anyone else, to make decisions about what parts of the Bible to follow and what part we don't have to? "Oh, the bacon cheeseburger thing - That was just a joke. But I'm serious about the gay thing."
I'm not asking you to ditch your beliefs. I'm asking you to explain them. Explaination, caring for others' soul, and conversion are very important to the Christian faith. And I don't think my questions are out of line. How can you follow a book that has a clear, provable mistake in it? And why do you get to pick and choose what you will and will not follow? These are reasonable questions.

you're boring me and Dr. Who is on.

I stand with my wife Truckinwife. And is sounds like crazybunnylady has no substantive argument for her position.

I really like Dr. Who. And it's the one where the 10th Doctor regenerates, which is one of the best.
As for "substantive argument," yours is: Because a man in the sky said so. And I know He said so because this book, written by His followers, said He said so 4000 years ago.

The OT is the law and was written for the nation of Israel, it was the OLD COVENANT. We are no longer under the law, but under grace. Jesus said in Luke 22: 20 And likewise the cup after they had eaten, saying, “This cup that is poured out for you is the new covenant in my blood. We are under the NEW COVENANT not the old.

Many of the laws given in the OT are dealing with sanitary/health issues. Early man had no knowledge of the medical and health knowledge we have today, so God gave them guidelines to go by.

I agee. Jesus, Paul, and John all said to stop follow Jewish law. You could see how the first convert were first Jewish. So, people thought of them as a off-shoot of Judaism. And that's not what they wanted. They wanted everybody to join, not just Jews and because that just simply wasn't what they were.
You what one of my pet peeves is? The misuse of the word, "literally". You what else is a pet peeve of mine? "Judeo-Christian". Our moralities are generally different. And our basic belief systems are mutually exclusive. There are so many differences. I finally had to tell myself not to go there because I'm not writing a thesis.
And I Know! Isn't it cool how many mitzvot make sense now that we know the science? Wash your hands before you eat. Don't eat pork. Of course not, they cooked it on a spit; brunt on the outside, raw on the inside. Not all of them work out. Or maybe they do; it's not like we know every. Maybe rabbits will evolve cuds. And it was the people who didn't understand. I mean, you are talking to GOD. A supreme being is talking to you. I could see how you might write some things wrong.
I'm rambling. I'm sorry. I'm a little manic. And religion and spirituality are so interesting. I'm gonna stop now. Happy day.


Obama?Is that You?

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I support traditional marriages as well.

I believe in a man and a woman being married and no other way.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Thank you for your comments. I am glad to see that EP is a market place of ideas. I still stand on my position of the Biblical definition of marriage 1 man and 1 woman.

This is the best for this country to preserve our Christian Heritage.

Blessings and Happy Easter


I too am a Christian and I have to say that in the Old Testament there are many things taught in the Torah {the first 5 books of the Bible} which today any normal thinking person would consider to be evil, debauched and Satanic.

For example a young girl who is raped is forced then to marry her rapist. There are even rules which define how one might kidnap people and force them to become slaves. Polygamy was practiced by many Biblical characters. Why the churches object to that I am not sure.

There was also a man who was stoned to death just because he gathered wood to make a fire on the Sabbath. What about suffering a witch to live. Oh thats right bastard children are cursed for many generations. You can google search all these and many other shocking Biblical practices.

My point is that just because there is a point in scripture authorising such things does not mean that it is ok, decent or even morally right in todays society. The Bible was written in what were pretty barbaric times. I believe that God has led humanity from those days to today.

Marriage in Biblical times was just about ownersip. Women were above slaves but were worth much less than men. They had to be bought {hence the dowry}. They were the property of the man. Marriage is still to this very day like this for Orthodox Jew's, Muslims and Marionite Catholics in the Middle East.

Today marriage is a very different institution in much of the western world. Although there are still plenty of Church going stinking straight men who treat their wives and kids as slaves and punching bags.

Society is constantly changing, and in the main many countrys are striving to improve human worth, value and rights. People like myself who are born gay deserve the right to be protected under the law just as much as any wife beating straight man.

Christian people just love gay bashing and try constantly to deny us of our rights. Christians in the main fail to read the Bible correctly. God in the ten commandments ordained the seventh day as a day of rest. There is no verse in all of scripture which ordered the Sabbath day be changed to Sunday. Jesus and the apostles where sabbath keepers, plain and simple. It was the Pope in Rome who ordered the day be changed. One should obey God, not the Holy Father in Rome.

Interesting how Christians overlook that one.

It is clear you don't understand much about the scripture and what it teaches. Sunday is the day the early church met to worship, after the resurrection. Sunday morning was the day of the resurrection The Lord's Day.

We are not under the law of the OT, Jesus gave us a higher standard and sexual immorality is included.

Once again I will point out quite clearly that the church was not ever given permission to change the Sabbath day of rest. This was ordained by God himself. Jesus nor the apostles no where in the new testament authorised or mentioned this change. Jesus and the apostles were Sabbath keepers.

You must identify the "verse" where God ordered the Sabbath be changed. You must prove it from the scriptures. Once again I will remind you It was later on that the Pope in Rome changed the day.

The ceremonial and dietry and purity laws were done away with, not the Ten Commandments.

I didn't say the Sabbath was changed. I said the early church met on the Lord's Day, Sunday. And the Catholic church doesn't follow the scriptures, they are more concerned about legalism and rituals.

So why are you so concerned with all the old laws then? There are more than 10 commandments, you have to also count the NT.

Jesus also did certain things on the Sabbath.

Does that also mean then that all the Ten Commandments are done away with or only the one regarding Gods wish for us to keep holy the seventh day just like Jesus and His apostles did. If then all Ten Laws are done away with that then means I can kill, rape, steal and do what ever I like.

You must prove from the Bible alone where this change was authorised. I dont care what the early church decided to do especially if some bright spark amonst them decided to change Gods Law.

If you keep the first 2 Jesus gave us, the other 8 will also be kept.

What don't you understand that the early church never changed the Sabbath. The church worships on Sunday, not the Sabbath, and Jesus said certain things could be done on the Sabbath.

So the early church decided to take it upon it self to overhaul Gods idea of what day He wants us to worship Him and also rest. God never gave the early church permission to do any such thing. Neither did Jesus or the apostles. The majority of Christians then are plainly ignoring God's will and inventing and imposong their own ideas. As these ideas do not clearly and directly come from God alone, they are false.

We are to worship Him everyday, not just one day a week.

Jesus tells us
And he said to them, “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.
Mark 2:27

The Pharisees had turned the Sabbath into a day of manmade legalistic rules that made the day a burden and not a blessing as God had intended. Jesus is also clarifying that man was made first and then the Sabbath was made afterwards for his wellbeing. God did not make the Sabbath and then man to serve this day. The Sabbath was made to serve man and to be for his benefit as well as being a sign that we are God's children.

Also only 9 of them were reinstituted in the New Testament: (six in Matt. 19:18, murder, adultery, stealing, false witness, honor parents, and worshiping God and coveting in Rom 13:9.
the first three commandments are properly covered in worshiping God The one that was not reaffirmed was the one about the Sabbath. Instead, Jesus said that He is the Lord of the Sabbath (Matt. 12:8).

Thank you Truckinwife and Hebrews132. I agree 100%

Well, Snigglefluffy, plenty of biblical leaders had more than one wife. King Salomon had a bunch, for example. Polygamy was pretty common in biblical times.

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Their marriage, their business... Judge not or ye shall be judged.

That is not what that verse of scripture is talking about. You gotta take all the scripture in it's context.

And of course YOU know the true meaning. I spoke to God this morning; he said to leave the gays alone.

1 Tim chatpter 3 say's a husband should have 1 wife.It doesn't say a man should be married to a man.

I doubt that

@konfucius God said for believers to go and sin no more, not to continue in their sin. It was probably god of the world(satan) that was speaking.

Do you realize how futile what you're saying is? You claim to be speaking for God as do I. My God is Love. And yours is?

Nothing futile about it. God is love, but God also said homosexuality is sin, and God hates sin. And God said to turn (repent) from our sin. We are not continue in our sin. God does not tell us to stay in our sin, He provided a way out of it. satan on the other hand wants us to continue in our sin and deceives us into doing so, and lies to us and says God didn't really say or God didn't really mean that.

And of course, God himself told you this. There is only one sin and it's the lack of Love.

No there are many sins, and they are written in the scriptures. Yes God Himself told us this. Not just me, but the whole world. The scriptures are for the whole world, all you have to do is read it, hear it, believe it.

What I decide to do is between me and God. He will judge me if He wills it. Just as he will judge the gays and the liars and those who claim to speak in His name and you. The matter is closed to me. You are an unhappy and fearful little mind. I pity you and wish you well.

No God has not given us a spirit of fear. Yes God will judge us all on the day of judgement. Following Jesus gives us joy not unhappiness and I have nothing to fear. I do not fear the physical death and I do not fear God's judgement. Save your pity for those who really need it. Hopefully that pity will lead you to serve them.

It also says we can have slaves from neighboring nations.

Again coming from the law of OT scripture and we are no longer under the law, but now under grace. Also do you know and understand the slave culture of the OT?

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Nope! I sure won't....unless YOU refuse a blood transfusion when you need it because the bible says not to and ... unless you start keeping slaves because the bible sanctions that as well and...unless you can find one phrase or word that Jesus actually taught about homosexuality. ..nope, I will not support you.

You totally misunderstand the context, audience and culture of the OT. And seem to have forgotten all of the NT.

@ wvguy1972- I do not accept blood transfusions under any circumstances and I also only support traditional marriage.So now you can support traditional marriage too.

When you're right, you're right. I should definitely have to marry my rapist. And he's allowed to have other wives, as well. Too bad you're wrong. Romantic love is only 200, 250 years old. Before that it was arranged. And banning interracial marriage wasn't that long ago. Shall we go back to that tradition, too.
And Same-sex unions aren't a recent invention. Until the 13th century, male-bonding ceremonies were common in churches across the Mediterranean.
And did God die and put you in charge of deciding what era and actions are "traditional"? You'd think he'd have picked someone smarter.

God says it is sin. We can not call right what God has called wrong.

Actually, the Torah (the first five books of the Old Testament) were written in Hebrew. Stupidest language in the world (and I'm not just saying that because I can't learn it). In Hebrew, you get a group of three, four consonants. That's the root word. Let's, for example, say it means, "blue." The vowels are put under the consonants. Those determine the specifics of the word. By changing the vows, you change the word to say, "light blue," "navy blue," "that greenish color of the ocean that we've all agreed to call blue, even though we all know it's green." Now what makes Hebrew so damn stupid (besides my inability to learn it) is that in legal and religious documents were written without vowels, You know, because those are the two kinds of documents you want to be as vague as possible. *stupidest language E V E R*
Also, it doesn't say it's a sin. How do I know? Hebrew (the first time around) didn't have a word for that. You'd think if God believed in sin, He would have made a word for it. But he didn't. The root for the word translated as "sin," is closer to meaning, "to try but fail."
And rabbits don't have cuds.

And you skirted the question. What is "traditional"? The Bible says if I am raped, I have to marry the rapist. The Bible says marriages should be arranged as business deals. The Bible says my father or husband can sell me into sexual slavery. So, how is it that you get to choose which "traditions" of the Bible are meant to be followed and which aren't?

Again you are talking about the OT law, we are not under law but under grace. Jesus gave us a new covenant and a higher standard than the law.

Rabbits, they practice refection. Refection is a process in which animals, like hares, eat their own dung mixed with undigested material. The Hebrew language does not use the word for "dung".

Refection is a process whereby these animals pass pellets of partially digested food, which they chew on (along with the waste material) in order to give their stomachs another go at getting the nutrients out. It is not just "dung" that the hares are eating, which is probably why the Hebrew word for "dung" was not used here.
Contrast this with what cows and some other animals do, rumination, which is what we moderns call "chewing the cud." They regurgitate partially digested food in little clumps called cuds, and chew it a little more while mixing it with saliva.
So then: partially digested food is a common element here. Therefore the Hebrew word simply refers to any partially digested food -- the process is not the issue, just the object.

And remember PI is 3.0 and that whole cloven hoof thing.

Your response is gold, and yes I am aware of the "brother Making" ceremonies to which you refer to. All you have pointed out is correct and I too as a gay Christian have trouble understanding much of the content and behaviour of the Bible. Even Jewish Rabbis cannot agree on gay marriage.

Hey! I never got any notices about any of the responses. What's up with that?

Still, Everyone has skirted the question. What is a TRADITIONAL marriage? Who get to decide which parts of God's Word were real and which ones he just joking about? If you are defining it by the Biblical system, then I have to marry my rapist, a woman must do all her husband says or he may beat her, and women who are menstrating must live outside the group encampment and cannot be touched by a man.
Who said you could cherry pick?

Nope, we are not under the law of the OT, we are under grace. Jesus gave us a higher standard.

Traditional marriage is what God says one man to one woman.

If you are not required to follow the OT law, and according the NT you are not, then you cannot use it as an argument against gay marriage.

And, hey, what? No sympathy for my computer problems? I thought we were buddies?

NT has more than one scripture about homosexuality, and all sexual immorality. No free pass.

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People like Kim Kardashian ruin the sanctity of marriage....
and that was between a man and woman....
Love is Love... regardless of gender....

Pixi have you seen his profile, he has a problem... I'd ignore this totally.
has people that are not so called normal?

In time we will be treated as Equal since we are contributing the same as the so called traditional... one day they, we will all be dead what does it matter who we love? Equality is FREEDOM! for all! we pay same taxes our spouse if is man or women is entitled to our laws etc...not just about marriage these ppl have no idea period...

Leave Kim Kardashian alone, you hertophobic tart

Saying that something is "traditional" is the opposite of saying that it is good or desirable. Tradition is simply the perpetuation of ignorance, nothing more.

I agree HStoner...

Thank you.

I've decided that since we're changing definitions, we should change the definition of "lesbian" to include men. "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness" and all... It would make me happy to be thought of as a lesbian male. I even fulfill the basic requirement of being attracted to women.

Yes you Do Ha ha

Do what makes you happy is what I say. I'm happy for those that are happy. Otherwise they'd be miserable playing pretend in a NORMAL marriage. I heard all kind of comments about how it ain't right for families to have same sex parents. It's all bullshit what they say, because in the end people change their mind or you lose a friend or family member. It never changed me or how I was raised. All I cared about was that my mom will always be my mom and that I like to see her happy. I learned a lot thanks to her.

I support equality, love, peace for all mankind, and I am not prejudice. Therefore I cannot support this.

And people thought racism was bad...
I have officially had enough of this group. Should have quit a long time ago.
So long you discriminating, hateful, arrogant, disgusting, narrow minded bigots.

Goodby we don't need a court forcing gay marriage in the church



Gay marriage wouldn't be forced into the church. And I'm sorry, but you'd be stupid to believe so. Pastors would still have the right to deny performing the ceremony, just like they currently can with straight couples. The only thing would change is that the people who are willing to perform the ceremonies can. And just FYI churches aren't the only places you can have weddings. Nor are preachers the only people who can perform them.

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If you want to mess with a people, to cause them untold amounts of confusion and agony... take away the one basic thing that makes them tick - an uncorrupted sense of marriage and breeding.

To me, marriage is about love of each other and trying to please them the rest of our lives
it is something that should never throw away you do it for good or bad the rest of your lives.

Sure my feeling may be over kill as the one I loved and married was killed at age 19. She did not ask to die. I do not know if she even heard me the day before when I told her how much I loved her jus as the plane I was in was hit by a SAM as we made the last turn to land at a debarkation point.

Yes what we shared was very rare, especially at the age we fell in love. We were 11 years old that first day of 8 th grade, on 12/21/1961 Roberta became my wife, we both were just 13 years old barely and no. she was not in a family way that would not at any time happen for us, we both could not at any time have children, and I knew about boys and girls I never knew there were other types of people.
I never knew or had even been told of people that were not boy or girls. Over the next few weeks, our lives would start to change especially after I was asked to stay that first weekend with my new friend from school and we both were scared to death that week as, we both. Had secrets we forgot to tell each other
but that is a different story.

from age 11 no one supported us but each other at 11 years old we opened a joint bank account also a different story

guess they are many different stories withus few here would understand


Think we need to worry about people learning to love each other and understand it is never a one-way street,
but it takes two to make it work and we all have rights.

Which?Monogamous or polygamous? It's about spending on ceremony.Designed by the tax man to control you with taxes.Ikea to sell you new furnitureKay Jewelers to sell more diamonds.The church to control women and men.Divorce lawyers, who love marriage the most ka~ching!If you love someone, bond with that person strongly until the time comes, if it should come,that you love no more. Don't forget you loved each other, be kind, be fair.Be good to each other.

To a point, my wife loved to go shopping on pay day and get new charms for her bracelets and once years we redid our vows of love in front of god and family guess it sounds silly for us being so young.

Every once in a while love is pure, uncontradicting and when you find it, it shines for the rest of the world to see. Someone told me once "you can't hide love." Renewing your vows was a beautiful way to show the world what the two of you shared.
If I hear you, she heard you.

amen to that

Never happen as I believe all have to right to marry and under the way you guys see it. We could never have been man and you see my wife was born with both body parts yet no body parts so what about people like her and yes u I know god hated her as she over came all of his test so he allowed her to be killed at 19.

it is ok it is just easter and the pain is worst


Why do you care who marries who?

If you are a follower of Jesus it matters a lot. God defined marriage long before we had courts and man made laws. His ways and thoughts are higher than ours. We ought to obey God before man.

ABT83, I take it that means you are in favor of polygamous and incestuous marriages?

People today don't want to hear God's truth when it goes against the way they want to live. To follow Jesus requires you to give up something, to give up following your desires of the flesh.

Just look at Jesus's ministry He always told people He encountered to GO AND SIN NO MORE. He didn't say ok I forgive you or I heal you and now go and keep living just like you did before you met me.

Who is smarter;
God the creator?
Or the human minds who imagined, developed, and wrote his stories down?

I agree Hebrew

Abt I don't as long as they don't marry in my church.

That is why God himself made me gay!

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This is why I believe the high court should be elected by the people

I agree I thought of that too

God is a being of Love and Forgiveness, so really, he wouldn't care who marries who, all he would care about is that if you were happy, for he like a father. He only wants what's best for us. He says that we are not to break a few rules, much like the rules in a household. ****** was banned by him, and so was hate and the taking of your own life. And he has also stated that if you ask for forgiveness and REALLY mean it, then he will forgive you.

That blocked off word was *i*n*c*e*s*t

God said even more against homosexual acts than against i*n*c*e*s*t in the Bible. Yes, He wants what is best for us, but it is not true He only cares if we are happy. Because we are sinful what pleases us and what is best for us are often in conflict.

How do you know what god said all you have is hear say controlled by corrupt churches that worked for their needs and to control the masses?

give me a break and it is your right to have those feeling you do not have the right to force them on to others i am sorry

What the definition of marriage is every bit as much the business of me and people who see things my way as of people who see things your say. I think you are trying to force your feelings on me.

And I believe Christianity has been the most positive force in human history, not as you portrayed it. Because I believe in a loving God, I believe He cared enough about mankind to preserve His word accurately in the Bible.

Amen CC! Look folks why do you come into a Christian group and expect Christians to not have God's perspective?


Very well said CC!

Look into the number of people killed by it just because they followed a different way God as been used to control people or the fear of hell has been used the same way.

God set the basic rules for us to live by.
and those have been used to make woman second class people in many churches
I have made my peace with my god a long time ago sure I may get made and yell at him for taking my wife so early in life but I still have tried to live my life by how I think he wanted, and our mother and grandparents brought me up from 12 years old.

You know what God said because you go to His Word, and not what men or what Satan tells you.

Satan's favorite and most used lie is God didn't say, God didn't mean that.

Nobody is forcing anything on you, just telling you what God said. It is your choice to accept or deny what God said. Nobody forced you to come to this group. So if you feel you are being forced upon then why did you come to a group that is going to go by what God said and not by what suits our fleshly desires?

You are taking scripture out of context, audience and culture. And you are talking about OT law. OT law was written for the nation of Israel, and we are no longer under law, but under grace. Jesus came and gave us a higher standard than the law.

Jesus spoke of marriage as one man and one woman. Jesus was perfect and did not sin. Jesus always answered with the Word of God, and followed God's commandments. Jesus was of the nation of Israel and therefore followed the law at a higher standard. So if God's commandment was not to have sex outside of the marriage of one man to one woman it is sin.

the parts of the bible you believe are only the words of Jesus or do you believe it all?

That's right He fulfilled the law, gave us a higher standard. He never went against the law. What did Jesus say about working on the Sabbath?

Matt. 5:17 abolish the Law or the Prophets. The “Law” or “Torah” refers to the first five books of the OT, while the “Prophets” includes the rest of the OT, all of which was held to have been written by prophets (cf. Matt. 13:35, which cites Ps. 78:2; on “Law [and the] Prophets,” cf. Matt. 7:12; 11:13; 22:40; Rom. 3:21). but to fulfill them. Jesus “fulfills” all of the OT in that it all points to him, not only in its specific predictions of a Messiah but also in its sacrificial system, which looked forward to his great sacrifice of himself, in many events in the history of Israel which foreshadowed his life as God’s true Son, in the laws which only he perfectly obeyed, and in the Wisdom Literature, which sets forth a behavioral pattern that his life exemplified (cf. Matt. 2:15; 11:13; 12:3–6, 39–41, 42; also Luke 24:27). Jesus’ gospel of the kingdom does not replace the OT but rather fulfills it as Jesus’ life and ministry, coupled with his interpretation, complete and clarify God’s intent and meaning in the entire OT.

No contradiction. Jesus did not go against any of God's commandments and God said homosexuality as well as all sexual immorality is sin.

The NT gives us plenty of scripture about sexual immorality.

Humans were only the instrument God used to write down His love story and plan for salvation after man fell.

The only ones to edit the bible are the cult groups who want to start their own beliefs. The scriptures have been translated from the original language to other languages, but the message has never changed. God does not change.

just another lie Satan would have you believe.

Either way, God is the being of Love and forgiveness. What ever you or anyone else says will not chage that fact. He is the Almighty, he is our father.


All he wants is what is best for us, so that we can be happy AND learn from our experiences.

Muslims would not affirm your point of view.

Ok? I'm not Muslim, so we wouldn't have the same views on god

Most of the time

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