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My Daddy

I believe that especially for little girls, their understanding of God comes from their relationship with their father. My Daddy is the most loving and patient man I have ever met. He is also a minister. He and my mother taught me many things about God. Ultimately, I learned about the grace of God. I learned that you can have a personal relationship with him, and I learned that he can guide your life while still giving you choices. One thing that I am still working on, however, is speaking with God when things are going well as well as when things are difficult.
Asil Asil 26-30, F 8 Responses Jun 6, 2007

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My Grandmother was the one who raised me~ she is the one who disciplined me and she is also the one who exhibited all the things that I did not have in a "father" figure on earth. My own biological dad (b.d.), by the time he did come around, came around during a time after I had already had countless learning experiences with men, who should have displayed father-figure type of behavior with me, in the way they treated me....instead I received less than honorable treatment, in their sexual abuse of me. When my b.d. did come around, combined with his questionable behavior (stopping down the road to hug me before taking me home....having me sit by him in his truck w/ his arm around me~like a boyfriend does with a girlfriend), yet nothing truly offensive~ I did make it home without being attacked or worse. Thank God! In his defense, everything I experienced was colored by my previous experiences, so when I think back on is kindly, simply for him respecting my wishes and leaving me alone after the second visit because I did not feel comfortable with him. <br />
<br />
I wish I had felt that way with some of the men, who crossed boundaries they shouldn't have. I wish they had had the same kind of respect for me, as a child, before doing what they did. <br />
<br />
I know that God, my Father exists and loves me, unlike the men who have loved only themselves, because I know where my joy, strength, peace, forgiveness, blessings, gifts.....all the good things that I have come from. I, at one time, believed this to be the truth for everyone until I realized it was offensive to some people, so I now only speak about the Truth for myself.

I am so sorry you went through that. I was sexually abused as a child also. Not by my father. It has left me with never feeling loved and no trust of anyone. But I do pray for I just feel in my heart my heavenly father would never hurt me. He is there to talk to and listen.Everything else may be ******** from me,but you will never take him from my heart. Never give up on him he has the only true love<br />
there is.

You say "for little girls, their understanding of God comes from their relationship with their father." What happens to little girls who are sexually abused by their father? What are the little girls to do when trust is destroyed, love becomes hate and leaves them with anger and fear even into adulthood? From what we learn God is a man, how can they trust or believe in God?

you are lucky you had someone modelling Christ for you, growing up.i didn't but am definitely planning to be that person for my children[when they come]..

You were very lucky to have a good father my good father existed only in my dreams I did not learn anything from him except watching this alaholic guy come home every night. I am a Roman Catholic and I believe that because of her I believe in God.

I learned to love my father after he died. It was possible as came to believe in eternal life. Each of us are importent and grow wise through love.

i didn't have a loving father but i have THE FATHER who loves me and sent HIS SON to die for me. i just want people who didn't have fathers in their lives to know they DO HAVE A FATHER WHO LOVES THEM VERY MUCH.

I too had a minister father who taught me about the love of God by his example. It is such a blessing to have grown up in that environment. <br />
You might try posting reminder verses around your house. When you read them you will be reminded to talk to you heavenly father. You could even use the verses as your prayers, especially prayers of thanksgiving.<br />
Thanks for the post.