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I'm a Christian Who Happens to Be Transgender

i am a Christian who also happens to be transgender. Not the other way around.

A christian who also happens to be a transexual woman.

i know and feel the presence of God in my life everyday.

As any who read my stories you will readily see that i am not perfect. i am learning and growing every day. Hopefully for the better.

i don't believe that it is my place to judge anyone. That is God's job at some point in every ones life. Although some people make this belief hard for me at times.

i do have my convictions on this subject but will not and would not expect all to understand or agree with.

i believe God through his angles has saved me many many times over the years.

i believe Jesus is my savior and that God is loving, gracious, forgiving, and always there to greet me with open arms. God leads and Jesus paid the price for me.

i never gave up on God cause he never gives up on me. Maybe he helped me to my epiphany, my 'Ah Ha Moment' when my internal war ended and i accepted myself.

God made me, for what ever reason he made me this way, a transexual woman.

Why me? i don't know.

However God has a plan for me and for everyone. We are who we are for that reason.

So maybe it would be more true to say, Why not me?

And after all i'm not done yet. He is still guiding me to fulfill his plan.

This is my spirituality, no one elses. My beliefs.

Josie06 Josie06 56-60, F 101 Responses Feb 4, 2009

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I love how you are at peace with God and yourself. Your life and your choices you make about how you see things is just that. Your life and your decision and Yes God loves you and you know it and that is what is very important and don't let people judge you, move swiftly on to spend time with those who love and accept you for the lovely person you know that you are. :)

Bless you on your journey.

amen sister:)

God originally created us in His image but man fell out of it and gave birth to children who were in his own image. And that was how the natural depravity in man began and for this purpose Christ came to restore us back to our position in God. So the natural tendencies in man is sinful and no one should ever comfort himself or herself with those lines "this is how God has made me" for if we agree to it, then there is no need for redemption we might as well all remain in the sinful depravity in which we were born(made).

there's no "sinful depravity" in being born with the wrong sexual equipment and wanting to fix that. There is only sin in us as intolerant.

Like seriously, your body is now equivalent to some equipment.

I use the term sexual equipment for lack of a better term.

What do we say to people born with both male and female? Or those born with deformities? What about those that want to have an operation done, for those reasons? That its a sin? Where is that written? Where is "transgender is a sin", written?

How is transgender any different?

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Wait, so all transgenders are celibate? What's your evidence of this?

I didn't say that, I said being transgender was not about having sex. Some are celibate, some are not, some are heterosexual, some are homosexual.

Then I was correct and there are sexually active transgenders practicing porneia (the overwhelming majority I suspect.)

Well Maxx, probably a similar percentage to normal heterosexuals that are practicing porneia. If I remember correctly Adam and Eve got all this started with just an Apple! Amazingly sex had nothing to do with our fall, imagine that. Sin is sin, any single one will condemn you!

Ok then! Why, then, give people the false impression that practicing porneia is ok when, clearly, it's putting their lives in danger?

@*** imillion, The fact that people have been given free will by the scripture you tend to quote.

Yourreally boring me! You can't even live your life by the words Jesus uses, love! Yes, I love Jesus, he was a wonderful profit with a message of love and peace. Those who aspire to live in his words live very a joyous and peace filled life because they accept others for who they are. Perhaps you should worry less about what others are struggling with and act more on what you yourself can do for you and your own family, The mere fact that you condemn others is proof a lone that you are attempting to control something that is out of your hands and that you are conforming to your own interpretations.

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Josie, there is no god. He did not make you anything. Life happens. It is ok for you to be who you are. You dont need to believe in a god to feel good about yourself.

I'm sorry Passive, but you have no evidence of this. A spiritual journey is a personal journey. What Josie is struggling with has little to do with your opinion of god or no god. It has to do with where and what she feels she needs to be in her life.

passive, Josie already said that she is a Christian. That is her belief.


How can you say this has nothing to do with **********? Would you dare say that to any traumatized boy sexually abused by a gay man pretending to be a woman?

And would you make a similar proclamation to a young man who was sexually abused by a priest?


What proclamation are you referring to?

ah m *** imillian, perhaps you might read a little more of what you write, rather then toss it back in our directions. Again another example of your ignorance (and I have no problem judging your ignorance).

Maxx, how about you do some research on what it means to be transgender and come back to us later.


Still can't see the forest for the trees can you ...

Someone who looks at others with blinders is certainly being a kettle calling the pot black.


What proclamation are you referring to?

@*** imillion "Yawn"

That's nonsense! Being Gay or Transgender has nothing to do with **********. Maybe you'd better do a little bit of research to inform your mind with the facts:(

Men who have regular sex with male children are gay, like it or not ...

actually men who have regular (?) sex with male children are pedophiles... full stop.

Better put, gay pedophiles.

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God doesn't torture eternally torture anyone in a fiery hell. This is yet another revolting lie preached by antichrists:

We are sisters in Christ Josie. We all sin. It is our admission of sin and the acceptance of Jesus Christ that allows us to enter heaven, not acceptance from other sinners who are not capable to understand our savior's infinite understanding. The ignorant will never understand what they do not personally experience so I do not judge them either. We know that we are borne this way. They think we are choosing this life of judgement and pain. We are not wearing the cloaks of the opposite sex. We are wearing the skin of the opposite sex. Keep strong, kisses...


I love this. Very well said, my friend :)


The scriptures would not use the exact word of transgender since there was no such word during that time. But Deut 22:5 addresses it.5 “A woman shall not wear a man's garment, nor shall a man put on a woman's cloak, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord your God.

Excuse me hebrews, but that does not explain how transgender is a sin. Do you even know what transgender means?

Transgender..... Appearing as, wishing to be considered as, or having undergone surgery to become a member of the opposite sex.

That is what the above scripture says, a woman appearing (dressed) as a man or a man appearing as a woman.

My interpretation of it is a woman shall not wear a man's clothes and a man shall not wear woman's clothes. I don't see anything in the scripture where it says anything about one can not be transgender by definition.

The scripture does not say anything about abortions either but I can see how that would be a sin. Also with that being common sense.

My interpretation, or your interpretation don't matter. It is God's meaning that matters. We can not change God to fit our meanings.

And what I hear is that's your interpretation of it. To me, it sounds like you are using this scripture to fit you. It may be written in the bible but many have misinterpreted scriptures over the years.

Nowhere in the scripture you posted does it say anything about transgender. If a person feels he or she was born the wrong sex, then how can that be a person wearing clothing of the opposite sex?

Again, the word transgender did not exist when the scripture was written. Look at the definition of transgender says appearing as, they are dressing to appear(to make others think or themselves) that are of a sex they were not born of.

You think God makes mistakes?

I don't need to look up the definition to know what it means. One of my best friends was transgender. Like I said, there is nothing written in the bible about abortions, but I can clearly understand how that would be a sin.

Abortion would be another word not yet coined. Plenty of scriptures which talk about killing and murder is a sin.

Exodus 21:22-25
22 “When men strive together and hit a pregnant woman, so that her children come out, but there is no harm, the one who hit her shall surely be fined, as the woman's husband shall impose on him, and he shall pay as the judges determine. 23 But if there is harm,[a] then you shall pay life for life, 24 eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, 25 burn for burn, wound for wound, stripe for stripe.

Trust me. I know what the scripture says about the mother protecting her little one even inside the womb. The point I was making is the bible don't say anything about abortions. But it says other things like killing and a mother protecting her young. I am simply saying that I know how abortion would be a sin according to the bible. I was using that as an example.

How about females who are born genetically male but are female due their bodies not being able to utilize testosterone? AIS: Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome. They are female in every appearance and mentally, except they are sterile and do not have a uterous or ovaries. Mistakes? Maybe God made them that way?

A lot of things go awry in nature, doesn't mean God designed it that way.

Oh yeah Elle. I forgot about that. Very true. They were born that way too.

and the women or men not wearing each other's clothing is ridiculous. God never said that. Humans did.

but this is not what transgender people are. They are people born with the wrong sexual equipment. Women are women and men are men...

I don't think they even know what transgender is. God created everyone in his own image. He created transgenders. Transgender is not a sin. It's not even written in the bible.

Girls who like wearing their boyfriends jackets or hoodies: bad news, you're going to hell for it. I got my glasses out of the men section, my vans are men's too. I'm screwed lol

Good point. And I am always begging my bf to let me wear one of his shirts so that I could have his scent. Lol

I so think he should better understand why you should, when he does, he will understand!

I agree, Joanie. I think once I explain it to him, he would give me one :)

I love all my boyfriends shirts he left me. He's at navy basic training right now so it's comforting to have them. It's been three months so they smell more like me then him now though lol


I need to ask my honey to let me have one of his shirts to sleep in lol. I miss him so much when we don't see each other.

and society rejects those boys who want to wear a pair of their girls panties for the very same reason. I think it's time for society to rethink the world/gender/love/closeness of a couple. Sharing, what could be more right!?

That is true. People are so focused on their beliefs instead of the care and respect of other people.

There have always been transgender persons, Unfortunately during the times of the writing of "mans interpretations of godliness. People had to spend more time surviving then expressing their own personalities. It's a different world today, we as humans no far more about humanity then we did in those years before Christ. It's time that Religion "evolved". Moralities have a place in our modern world. Just not the moralities that are plus 2000 years old.

God hasn't changed and neither has His morals or standards.

And yet King David was a 'man after God's own heart' interesting statement about someone who sinned with the best of them. Murder, adultery, etc, etc. I must be ok then!

None of the men or women of God were perfect, there is only ONE who is perfect. Yet God was able to use them for His purpose. Just because David or anyone else sins still doesn't change God or God's standards.

Yes, exactly and we transgender people are here for gods purpose. you have no right to castigate any of us with your interpretations of morality.

It is not my interpretations, it is God definition. man can not call right, what God has called wrong.

@ Hebrew, No, but the populous that wrote the bible is not the populous of today, And since the bible was written by man, I tend to think the populous of today has far more credibility then those who were inspired to believe they could control others with interpretations and self justifications of what they desire in their god.

We all know what morality is, and it isn't hating others for their own identities.

Man was only the instrument God used (the printing press if you will). If you asked me to write a book, paper etc for you with you telling me what to write, would i be the author, or would you?

Man wrote what God told them to write.

Hello Hebrews.. I agree w u. I am a Christian, and do not believe in holding others to what my idea of Christian standards r, that's not my job. BUT, I can look to the bible on certain issues and trust that "the way things r meant in gods eyes to b, r stated in that book. I have full faith that the bible guides u to know what's right if u should b in doubt. Ones "free will" can either b used to follow the word or, do what the Secular world tells u is ok. I know where I get my advice. I do not judge ANYONE, it's not my job, but I wanted to show my support of u quoting the bible, bc it was relevant:) again, I DO NOT JUDGE! I can only say that me personally.. I follow the bible, more closely than I follow my own opinions, feelings, desires or impulses. It will not steer u wrong.

And you heard god speak these words?

It is literally and figuratively impossible for god to dictate any writings to man. Even the conduit you claim viable is a construct of man. Who do I trust more?The constructs of man or my own intuition? Knowing man the way I do. I tend to go with my own instinct. I've been right far more then I have been wrong. And you can be assured that my intent is moral and has integrity for all. And your intent is to condemn anyone who does not believe as you do, and that, in my interpretations of being godly is neither godly or moral.

I'm so glad the bible wasn't written in text short hand!

God didn't or hasn't told me to write anything for Him. That doesn't mean He didn't tell those who did.

Nothing is impossible with with God. You think the Creator of the universe couldn't instruct a person on what o write?

Yep, and since you are human and and part of mankind, you are in the same boat as the men you say you don't trust. What makes you and your morals superior to theirs?

No my intent is to tell you what God said. If you feel condemnation, maybe that is just conviction.

Another point, there are natural ways to cause the body to abort a fetus without using any sort of surgical procedures or coat hangers.

According to whom?

Fact, the bible was written by men inspired by their belief in god. Man's inspirations is not proof that there is a god, man's faith is his ego, his alter ego and his id. If a man wishes to follow what he/she believes is a righteous following so be it, I will not judge him/her. What I will judge is the use of man's ego, alter ego and id to diminish castigate, condemn, disassociate with an other human being. We all have our own crosses to bare. Your value system, your morality, your demeanor, your pontifications are yours and you have a right to them. But Judge yourself, before you question, condemn or devalue any other life struggling to get through their time here on earth. There is not one person on this earth who is not blessed with gods graces. It is only people of your ilk and those in other self righteous and pompous dogmas that attempt to proclaim theirs is the only answer. Walk in my shoes, before you pass any judgement please!

I don't look for superiority, I look to diminish yours

@ hebrews, It is ungodly to abort life, What is your point

If it were written only what some men thought, what the scriptures tells us would have been completely changed to something not even remotely close to the original. Also the scriptures describe and have wisdom/instruction that was told 100's and 1000's of years before man or science ever discovered it.

And man is not smart enough to have known those this, but the Creator of the universe is.

And you have no idea(unless you are God) what I have judged (or what God has reveled about myself).

Also it is not my judgement, but God's. God has already judged it.

2 Tim 3 :16-17 which is believer to believer
16 All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, 17 that the man of God[a] may be complete, equipped for every good work.

I have no superiority, there is only ONE who is SUPREME.

Exactly, that was in response to inherownwords, that the word abortion is not mentioned in the bible. Thou shalt not kill pretty much covers it all.

The point is that in those days people would have had knowledge of the natural world unlike most today.

I used abortion as an example of it not being in the bible. There is nothing in the bible about transgender.

How can a word that has not yet been invented be used? Does the bible have to spell out every specific detail? Like thou shalt stab someone to death, thou shalt not hang someone to death, thou shalt not smother someone to death? Or does thou shalt not kill cover it?

Again transgender would not be found in the bible as it didn't exist then either. However the scripture about not dressing to look like a different sex than what you physically are is.

Perhaps you should read back what I posted in the beginning.

Reading back what you first posted still doesn't explain how you expect to find words in the bible that did not exist in that time and culture. Just because the bible didn't use words our time and culture know doesn't mean the bible didn't address it.

You said they didn't use the word transgender in the bible. All I was saying is they didn't use the word abortion in the bible either. But I can see how abortion would be a sin. The scripture you posted about transgender does not explain how it would be a sin. That is what I said. Please stick with the topic. I was only using abortion as an example. It has nothing to do with the topic being discussed.

The above scripture says " for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord your God."

Do you know what abomination is? OT wording for sin.

I am referring to the scripture that you posted. The entire scripture. By definition of what transgender and by what I know, it does not match the scripture.

. But Deut 22:5 addresses it.5 “A woman shall not wear a man's garment, nor shall a man put on a woman's cloak, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord your God.

It says if a man wear woman's garments and a woman wears man's garment it is an abomination(meaning it is sin).

Hebrews, we already went thru this once. I am not going to go thru it again. I know what abomination means. And I have already read the scripture you posted above this thread.

Then why do you keep saying the above scripture didn't say it was sin? The scripture is describing a person who dressing and appearing to be of a sex that they are not physically (meaning they are identifying themselves as what we would today call and use the word transgender for) and that to God it is sin.

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Not so-

"He that believes has everlasting life." -John 6:47

Moreover, God "God [gives holy spirit] to those obeying him as ruler." -Acts 5:32 (Bracket mine.)

With the power of God's holy spirit nothing is impossible.

wow after all these years you are still getting responds...see it was meant for you to write this and for you to stand up and say yes I am both and both are me...we send you our prayers and love...PoppaBear 53 and MommaBear54

Sweetie hold on to God


You say, "As long as a person is being who God want them to be, what's the problem?"

So, for instance, if a person said, "God wants me to be a *********." would you also respond with "Do what makes you happy. Just be you"?

I don't even know what you said. Besides you are way off topic. We are talking about transgenders here.

Which part didn't you understand. I'd be more than happy to explain.

What's the *?

Like I said before, you are way off topic.

You mean ped0phile?

I guess. But what does that have to do with a person being transgender? You are way off topic.

The point is, stick any behavior you want into your sentence and it's just as valid as your defense of those who practice porneia.

But, if a ped0phile tried to claim that he rapes little boys and girls because that's who God wants him to be you wouldn't swallow that, would you?

Again, what does that have to do with transgenders? You are way off topic.

The issue is you defending his antichrist practice of porneia all the while claiming to be a follower of Christ. Follow?

Its interesting how you can't even define transgender to me or even tell me how transgender is a sin. Then you go off topic. Its also interesting how you would judge somebody without even knowing what you are talking about.


You still can't see the forest for the trees ...

A transgender is a man/woman who thinks he's a woman/man and, often, practices porneia with other men/women.

As you can see, the sin of porneia is of greater incumberance than all this trivial hair-splitting you're doing.

Maxx you can be transgender without practicing porneia. So with that said is being transgender a sin in your eyes.

Elle, this is the essence of the question. Does Maxx believe that we "transgender" are perverse his answer will pull the curtain. His attempt to hide the man be hind the curtain will be exposed!

that's the question we are all asking you! but if I may, your ego, your ideology, your ignorance of other ideologies, your belief that you have the only answer. Yes, so clearly you are the wizard of oz attempting to manifest itself in a power that is false. A power that is developed by the knowledge that ignorance will follow. For those others who do not believe as you do


How exactly is that possible?

maxx, with this question, you've clearly shown us your sexism, your ignorance of the world around you and your lack of an attempt to understand life and those who are attempting to live it. Yes, a moral conscious is paramount to living a virtuousness life. But you have no authority to condemn those who are doing the best that they can. Every quote, every word that you have esponded on from your doctrine has merit only in the way you live your life. You have no right or justification to condemn others for living theirs. And I truly believe that if you and I were sitting with Jesus having this same discussion, I think he would agree with me more then he would agree with you. I get it, you do not. I'm so sorry that you limit our life.

Lets see, uh, they do not have sex with anyone or anything. Perhaps you need to read up on what being transgender actually means. It's not about having sex!

That's what I've been trying to tell him. He talks about behavior and practice. How can a person practice being transgender? I don't think he knows what transgender really is.

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On what objective moral basis do you dare consecrate anyone's moral values? Who made you God?

god made me, so that should answer your question.

I consecrate only those who claim to know the truth and demand others follow

Actually, it doesn't. On what objective moral basis do you dare consecrate or condemn anyone's moral values? Who made you God?

god made me in gods image. I do not need to expound on gods decisions, especially as they refer to me.

Maxx, put down the book, and live. It's exactly what god and Jesus in my opinion and experience wants you to do.

That's precisely what Adam, Eve and Satan did and look where it got them ... and us.

Hmmm.. Looking around. I see nothing more then Humanity attempting to find a way to live their lives complicated by those who would judge them wrong in living their life to their fullest. You see my friend. The Bible, a document written by man if filled with great advise so that you will live your life to your best and to others benefit, but like any manual, it has it's limitations. The human soul is far bigger then what people of 2000 years ago ever could imagine.

and frankly, I'm an evolutionist. Adam and Eve and their archangel Satan are mere metaphors.

I don't get it. If you're an atheist what are you doing here on a Christian forum?

Your right, you don't get it, you haven't even listened to my thesis, (blinded by your own) I am not an atheist, I am a christian, but your the one measuring my Christianity. Not very Jesus like if you ask me.

Oh, and I'm here to support a "sister" attempting to live her life as best she can in the light of Christ and her lord.

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You may feel unaccepted but the truth is, god loves all! Keep moving along happily :)

@ Inherownwords

You mean you don't remember telling him "Do what makes you happy. Just be you?" Here he is brazenly telling the world he practices porneia with men and your judgment is, 'Don't worry about it. Do what makes you happy. Just be you. Ignore God. Defy his just laws. It doesn't matter.'

The only thing you didn't say was, "See you in heaven!"

How could you be so cruel and lie to him?

I see that you've failed to answer any of my questions below. I have also posted more comments in this story which I am sure Josie has already read. Nowhere in my posts did I say to ignore God. Those are your words.

That's the message you conveyed though. You told him to do what makes him happy to just be you.

Since what he wants to do is practice porneia ...

You lied to him ... and even now, insist on doing so.

What kinda monster are you?

What kind of idiot are you?

Why am I not surprised ... typical antichrist ...

You are judging me. And you don't even know me. I'm sorry to have called you am idiot. I have no problem admitting when I'm wrong. You are coming here and commenting with all your judgment. You call me antichrist. Why? I have no clue. But once again, you can't even answer a few simple questions. How can one Christian ask another about what's in the bible to share, they refuse? You can't even tell me what transgender mean. What a person does or who they are is between that person and God. What I do and who I am is between me and God.

You insulted me simply because your point of view differs from mine and you dare call yourself a follower of Christ?

If you weren't antichrist you would have acted with the same patience, love and humility of Christ ...

... Or is it perhaps that you don't have long following in Christ's footsteps? (1 Peter 2:21)

No she insulted you because your ideology is blinding your sense of acceptance of others who do not share your passion for a book written and interpreted by man and used by people like you to cause hurt pain and anguish on others.

@ Inherownwords LOL! One that I have no doubt is also obsessive compulsive with out the abilities do anything out of free will.

@Joanie, thank you my friend :)

There is nothing wrong with a person to just be themselves. Why would any person pretend to be something they are not? We learn that as children. And I'm sure that God would want us all to be happy. He loves everybody.


'There's nothing wrong with a ********* to just be themselves. Why would any person pretend to be something they're not? We learn that as children. And I'm sure that God would want us all to be happy. He loves everybody.'

Do you agree? Why or why not?

I don't even know what you said in your first sentence. And what are you getting at? I am simply saying the same thing I've been saying since the beginning. As long as a person is being who God want them to be, what's the problem? A person can only be themselves. Why try to change them? Or tell them that what they are doing is wrong? Especially when it comes to that person being something you don't agree with. There are agreements and disagreements. But to judge and put down a person because you disagree with them, is wrong on so many levels.

Your comments are mute, we are not discussing **********! you are nothing more then a zelot and a bigot. I think it's time you listen to the words of your idol. Love thy neighbor as you would want them to love you.

society often asks us to pretend. this is the failure of society in not recognizing the individual.

Exactly Joanie. Basically being asks to be something a person is not. Just to satisfy the person who does not agree.

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Don't you remember telling him "What matters is whether or not you have inner peace and whether you feel the Spirit?" In effect you're judging him and telling him that his sinful practice of porneia is just fine!

How could you be so cruel as to lie to this poor soul?


You misunderstand:

"When [God says] to someone wicked, ‘O wicked one, you will positively die!’ but you actually do not speak out to warn the wicked one from his way, he himself as a wicked one will die in his own error, but his blood I shall ask back at your own hand." -Ezekiel 33:8 (Bracket mine.)

Like it or not, our Creator forbids porneia just as he does murder, **********, adultery, ********** and all other aberrant sins. I'm not going to lie and say otherwise. (1 Corinthians 6:18)

Don't be stubborn. Listen to your Creator.

No, I understand. you feel the need to point out the sins of others as you feel to be directed by the scriptures. Nor do I suggest that you lie. You of course also understand that you should be more worried about your own sin than someone elses. You know the the verses concerning the speck in your brothers eye versus the plank in your own? I have sin, yepper, that is correct sir, you got me. I'm trying to overcome it, some 40 years now. You are very forunate that you do not have these issues. I've had a physical addiction, this is not that, nor is it about sex, though it is about gender. I wish it was about a choice, that I went through some sort of check list and decided that being transgender was the way to go, so many positives in that. Uh huh. It doesn't work that way. Too many prayers to my creator asking that this thorn in my side, about three feet long and some three inches in diameter be taken away from me, that I DID NOT WANT IT! But no, it's still here. Perhaps his grace is enough for even this. Because in the end that is all any of us have for not a single one of us is Good, NO NOT A SINGLE ONE, and we all fall short of the glory of God. I'm thankful he loves me anyway. In the end if should toss me into the lake of fire with Satan and his angels then that is his choice to make as my creator. His will be done.

I can appreciate your struggles, believe me I do. While my torture stake is of a different stock, I know all too well what it means to 'disown oneself and follow' Christ. (Matthew 16:24) Thing is, I also know too that, for the Almighty, nothing is impossible. You don't honestly think he can't help you, even at this late stage, to do his will, do you?

I have no doubt God can do anything, I mean he is E=MC^2, that is the power of his word is it not? But it hasn't happened for me, and frankly I'm tired, I've about had enough. My earthly father would not put me through something like this, why is that my heavenly father allow it? 'course there is the chance that his plan for me was to suffer through all this and then become a woman in order to learn something he thinks I need to know. Who knows. It could be his plan for me. I'm badly near sighted, should I forgo glasses since he made me this way?

Problem to me is god has no control over the world, we as people have to live the best life we can, and we have to make do with the test he gave us so for a so-called person of god telling me I am going to hell for falling in l love to a person that was not male or female is pure BS god ask us to respect him and to follow a few basic rules the problem is those rule have been forgotten and miss used but others in his name one of those basic rules he gave us was about judging other unless you are without sin. And one thing that makes me different is I have died and been sent back to this world, so I guess I have been doing what he asked of me better than most as few can make that statement.

Besides, God is offering you an eternal life of peace, pure joy, tranquility and perfection on Paradise Earth!

How can any price be too high for such an extraordinary prize?!?!

Actually I don't think it says that. exactly we just infer it. But it does indicate it in so many words, especially in revelation. The garden of Eden remade on the New Earth. IT's amazing everyone wants to go to heaven but the New Earth is really where we will spend eternity, if our names are written in the Book of Life. As Jesus said, the spirit is quite willing but the flesh gets in the way.

Sure it does!

Don't give up! Never give up! "Let's not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don't give up." -Galatians 6:9

Follow the links I shared earlier and discover how others have overcome what they too were absolutely convinced was impossible :)

If they can do it, why not you?

yup I shall never give up! Being the person I am, and the way I believe. (as what I believe strongly in, will make a mark in society and hopefully for the betterment of mankind) If we believe in a god/Christ and we accept god/Christ then or even if we do not, we are what god had in gods image and Christ shall still love us. Following dogma written, translated, and interpreted by "man" that in anyway is condemning of another person for things we do not understand is in no way being godly or following in Christ. Religions are an attempt to place order in the chaos and corruption of the acts of man. To control in a specific way in which that religion believes is self righteous. I have no doubt the Muslim brotherhood and the musha hidean are acting on their interpertations of their god and will do so until such a time in which they have reached an enlightenment of the mind when their own dogma no longer stands the test of time and those who believe in their ways understand the life of others is more important then their alia

good bad in between we all die

so true! Though some of us desire a better place to make our struggles and deeds in life more valuable. I for one believe our bodies return to dust, and our spirit lives on in others in the deeds we have done good or bad. This is the Heaven I make for myself. although I'd love to be reincarnated as Jenifer Love Hewett Like.

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"With God’s help, anyone can learn to “abstain from fornication,” which includes homosexual acts, and “get possession of his own vessel in sanctification and honor.” (1 Thessalonians 4:3, 4) Admittedly, this is not always easy. Nathan, who formerly pursued a homosexual life-style, said: “I thought I could never stop.” But he did change with help from “the spirit of our God.” (1 Corinthians 6:11) As Nathan discovered, no problem is too big for Jehovah, who can provide the strength and help needed to meet His standards and receive His blessings.—Psalm 46:1."

Do what makes you happy. Just be you. Jesus loves you. God bless

Well said :-D

Thank you my friend

What happened to “If anyone wants to come after me [Christ Jesus], let him disown himself and pick up his torture stake and continually follow me" and "whoever does not accept his torture stake and follow after me is not worthy of me?" -Matthew 16:24; 10:8

You're not anti-Christ now, are you?

You don't have anything else better to do? I am a Christian. I am not one who bash and judge others. I love everybody. All God's creation.

Doesn't look like it. Why else would you beguile these into believing they can practice sin without consequence?

If you truly are a follower of Christ and you truly love these whose lives hang in the balance, tell them the truth. Otherwise, their blood is on your head. (Ezekiel 33:8)

Where in the bible does it say that being transgender is a sin? Do you even know what transgender means? I take it from your little response you do not. And what I do or have done is between me and God.

Don't let semantics becloud the truth. He's just gay; a man who enjoys fornicating with other men. Don't tell me you're oblivious to what God's view is on such heteroclitic behavior ...

Exactly my point. You don't have a clue what it means to be transgender.

davinaJane11 I have given up on this thread, it has been hijacked by the JW's who show stubborn, heartless and boring repetition. For the believer God's grace is enough. I sympathize with Josie's position and her profession of faith in spite of it. Nobody gets to choose the body they are born with. Faith is a choice but a choice that seems impossible for some people.

Typical antichrist ...

Typical judgmental, ignorant person who has no clue what he is talking about

You know Maxx you would have made a very good member of the Sanhedrin around 33 AD.


Right because the members of the Sanhedrin were sedulous followers of Christ like me ...

One to judge

And you are? How could you be so cruel as to judge this poor soul and assure him that his practice of porneia is fine with God? How can you lie to him so shamelessly? Have you no heart?!?

Where in the bible does it say anything about being transgender is a sin? What does it mean to be transgender? And where in my post did I lie? Where in my post did I judge this person?

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Kid you have to follow how you feel I think back to what I have lost, but we followed our hearts even at age 11,
and by the time I was told the truth about my best friend, I really could have cared less it was too late we loved each other and while we had never gone past that point of kissing his mother caught us at that Sunday morning it was just a matter of time.

And yes I knew what a boy's body should look like I knew what a girl's body should look like he was neither the rest is just a long story.

God made you to be unique just like everyone else. He made me a crossdresser and it has helped me work in a charity shop selling ladies clothes with a understanding of them and with God's help I have raised money for the needy

If you don't mind my asking, why do you think God made you a crossdresser? Have you been one since infancy?

I have allways liked the idea since I was a kid

And what did your dad have to say about that?

Well Maxx it seems you are playing the role of accuser in this thread. The Bible says that is the role played by Satan. Any sin will condemn us, it is only by the sacrifice of Jesus that we even have a chance of redemption.

Very well said davinajane.

2 More Responses ROCK!! I am not particularly religious but me and the 'BIG GUY' seem to be pretty close. I know 'He' loves his children and YOU and I are one of them so you don't fret!!!!!!! ((((HUGS)))) Love you sweetie!!!!

Hi pixelita. I am not bothered by cross-dressing either but I have to advise you that YOU and I are TWO of God's children not one. Generally I try to ignore maxximiliann & co. They have hijacked this blog and regard anyone who disagrees with them as the moral equivalent of a serial child killer.

i agree with you with my whole heart and hope you stay the way you are

You seem to have it just about right. I mean you have obviously accepted Jesus as your saviour now all you got to do is fight, fight against not doing sin. If you can do this and try and help your brothers and sisters stop sinning too, then when you look up at the end of the race you will be in paradise. God bless you.

Theology is definitely not one of my areas of competence. That said, it strikes me that it would be a pretty useless religion that would reject or look down upon a fellow believer because that person is LGBT.

Not to be facetious or anything, however, a *********, a serial rapist or one who practices scatological fetishes would say the exact same thing. Given your approval of LGBT practices, on what objective moral basis would you dare condemn the aforementioned?

I\'m not sure that I would condemn them on a \"moral basis,\" whatever that means. Some conduct, such as rape, murder, or theft, impairs the functioning of society and is condemned for that reason. There is no legitimate argument that LGBT impairs the functioning of society.

So the fact that such behavior, if left unchecked, would mean the extinction of the human race and the natural revulsion the overwhelming majority of individuals feel for such conduct is what exactly?

maxximiliann you seem to pour bile upon anyone who dislikes your hateful little movement for any reason regardless of their LGBT status. You probably do not know enough history to be aware of the similarity but you remind me of the Pure Ayran Germanic types who advocated the arrival of the Third Reich.

Take a chill pill mate. We're having a civilized discussion here.

You can be a spectator but only if you promise to behave, k? :)

So anyone who dislikes your hateful little mind can be regarded as a ********* or a serial rapist? Is that what Jehovah's Witnesses call civilized? As long as you advocate HATE don't call me MATE!!!!

You misapprehend. I don't hate you or anyone else. Why would I?

The comparison I make is simply to illustrate how confused and unreliable relativistic morality really is. Any argument anyone advances in favor of heteroclitic sexual behavior can be turned around and used to defend anyone else's heteroclitic sexual behavior.

Try it and see for yourself.

The problem as I see it as so many people from churches are the one raping children in their care it has nothing to do with being trans and any other thing it is feeling you are better than others so you have the right to put them in their places.


Apparently, the burning spotlight shone on the sexual abuse of children in recent years is responsible for the intense push back the homosexual agenda experiences.

After all, a Ped0phile is a parent's worst nightmare.

worked about 15 years in corrections and most of the sex offenders I had to work with for from churches doctors or dentist and a few actors

none were gay even the ones I had to deal with as a child were not gay just from a church

All these men only abused females?

If they would, they have no place in gods kingdom. (said by an agonsict who believes there is something bigger then all of us, and non of us have the right nor ability to say what that is!

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God bless you

“The work of Jehovah’s Witnesses is the revival and re-establishment of the primitive Christianity practised by Jesus and his disciples . . . All are brothers.” - “The Encyclopedia Canadiana”

The only reason I don\'t block you maxximiliann is because \'decadent\' western democracies in \'this wicked age\' embrace freedom of religion and opinion. Personally I have very little time for your beliefs but I would fight for your right to have them, not the religion itself but your right to choose. You have your reasons for becoming a JW which I can not begin to understand but I do understand your RIGHT to choose your own destiny. Two world wars have been fought for that right and it may very well soon become three. May your god be with you.

If you don\'t understand something why not just ask? :)

The Pure Jehovah's Witne.SS.e.SS Reich looks to me to be little more than the revival of ignorance. If you want to advocate HATE and the extinction of inferior peoples why not set up your own blog and see for yourself how may friends you really have at the end of the day? YOU'RE the ones INTRUDING. Most people on EP make an effort to be reasonable. As I said earlier, you have a right to your beliefs, I just wish you would take them somewhere else. EP is an intolerance free zone. AND MAY YOUR GOD GO WITH YOU.

No you're just being disingenuous. If we were anything like what you claim, why would gays renounce homosexuality and adopt normal lifestyles to become Christian Jehovah's Witnesses?

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