Bible the Work of Evil?

h armony in the midst of chaos.In all that is greatness,



in all that which because of it, chaos cannot begin and to cannot begin to be measured


are individual


are harmony


are measurable

we are witness

we exist

exist in the midst of chaos

even for a trillion years but a granule in its entirety which is

and yet we define it and point to our own importance and even infallibility. we are and infinitesimally non existent dot on the face of god. We bare witness, the consciousness of what is.

we are not its totality

we are one in with it and separate and conscious of it in the midst of infinity.

In infinity all that can exist

and so we are

all is lord

all of it

and that is it - that is truth - there is nothing more

all that is, is lord

To witness and of it in our existence is not license to the gates of hell or heaven, it just is.

We are like silly madmen throwing ourselves to eternal damnation ravaging the world with hatred death and destruction - All of us you, I, them.

We are sold the candles of religion as children and watch its annihilation of our existence as we grow old, powerless to its draws and promises of love hope and peace in death to be seated with the father .

Its poetry runs ramshod through our brains as we follow it like a fly on coke. The promise of eternity and the way written by the hand of man only to bring us to the brink of planetary destruction with the promise of the second coming. And still we believe - junkies

You have to ask not what if, but that it so. It has been taught since the beginning of man by man for man, a heartwarming story to calm our scared our weak and our weary - turned through the ages to the greatest story ever told. That all of mankind could live by - and die by. That some day we would all go and all that was unfair and unjust would be corrected. We only need fail. We only need believe we had this power and now actually have the power to off ourselves seemingly in many a manner. We are a collective train wreck waiting to happen so that we may be saved….

Then I promise you eternal salvation with me

Isn’t it just a little curious….

the second coming of any prophet or savior as if time or our existence in this incredibly, unimaginable

I believe that Jesus Christ is my one and only savior in my heart with all my heart but that doth not make it true - I must look deep into this that is

only the truth - look for it and it all is amazingly clear and all the supernatural so ….

to be in the midst of all that is

all that is in all its greatness of which I am part you are part we all are part

It is so incredulously majestic and infinite

and yet there must be more? - certainly this isn’t it certainly there is heaven and god and more

we are IN infinity. All that is, is here. Everything and more

I fear the societal inclination towards eternal self destruction - we fail in our instinct that is to survive and prosper and to our destiny to bear witness to all that is. We are overpowered in faith and of the notion in eternal damnation.

We have but two choices, life or death in these i choose life. My truth reveals religion to paradoxically choose death and my truth reveals eternal damnation to us.

In the hand of man lie evil. Mans greatness in the wicked madness we have created yells it.

the horrific butchery of millions while the evil lie relaxed in the hand of man. To go in some gods name to punish those who would stand against as if millions butchered represented some other gods people??????? Time and again in history it repeats and forests are cleared to crucify the damned

Awaken you the eyes of truth - you allow the story of my claus go to the death of children by his name. See the destruction of man for it is real

Religion is the seed that grows the blood of war whose Ultimate scenario is complete annihilation and the promise of the second coming or any coming.

I am but a crazy fool in the midst of love, hope and peace…. I am folly, I am benign but it is my life’s minds burden. I cry for us as we walk with the one who is common to all, across all nations and religions - armageddon. It is not lord it is not truth - bear witness to the truth that is. Life is our minds eye - through life we bear witness and bring about the consciousness of what is. Love what is real, look for the future on what is - not what it portends to be after it is gone. We must leave our childish ways.


livingchaos livingchaos
Feb 21, 2009