I Have a Dream

       I wonder what people mostly pray about these days. Money? Job? solved problems? You want these thing but what have you done for someone else that you want God to do for you? What comes around comes around right? So doing good deeds changes your luck. Ask yourself now what have you done today to bless someone. You don't need money to bless someone, you just need a mouth, hands and/or a open-heart.

       I myself believe it is my life purpose to help people. I use to believe becoming rich would fix my problems and make me feel better than i was in my first story. But I grew smarter, and fixed the problem without cash.  I know I can be some good without heavy pockets. I stop thinking about balla and star thinking about RISING. Getting better and learn as must as possible is what I'm all about. more people should stop thinking about money and start helping people that are in worst condition than them.

I believe being christian is about:

  • Helping other people with big or small problems 
  • Living under the rules of God since
  • spreading the news about the kingdom to other.
  • acting a certain way in the Bible to help you cope with life problems and anxieties.
  • Praying for other as well  as yourself for forgiveness, help and to be thinkful 
  •        If I'm wrong correct me,  this is something I think is right. There may be more/ Alot of people who clam to be christains aren't like this at all. We who are christain need to make example to other to show a real christain is like. My dream is that all christian were this this way. If it was, things would be alot better.

    Think about it...

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    Thanks for posting your message. That was good to write. If I wanted to sum christianity meaning up into a simple sentence I would say "Give the world kindness so it can return to you". This is simple but, it is so hard for us to realize how important it really is. Not helping others may be the one thing holding bac our blessings.

    I have difficulty with any religion, where the believers believe that anyone who isn't one of them is damned or lost. I believe a true Christian can embrace and admire and appreciate a buddhist, a Jew, a muslim, etc. Christ did not ever preach a word about Christianity. Christ was a Jew. Christianity was started by Paul quite a while after the death of Jesus Christ. Anyway, I believe Christianity is about using Christ as your model of behavior/being- emulating Christ as much as you can, being loving, forgiving, true to yourself, seeking and standing up for truth and wisdom and love and forgiveness and integrity.<br />
    I'm not very good at it. ;)

    this is inspirational

    you are right.<br />
    but dont forget that being a Christian means that you:<br />
    -accept Jesus as your savior and belive that he came to die for your sins<br />
    -admit to God that you are a sinner. but u will follow his word to the best of your abaility<br />
    -you need a personal relationship with God<br />
    -belive that one day your savior will come and take all who are worthy (including YOU) back to home in heaven for the rest of eternity to live in peace and happyness<br />
    <br />
    =) good luck on your spiritual journey. being a Christian isnt always the easiest path to take but in the end it is the most fulfilling !

    I agree. So many people have no idea what it is to be a Christian! I'm gonna tell you a story about something that happened locally just before Christmas. The local YFCA (used to be YMCA) sent notices yo all members who had sex crimes on their record and kicked them out of the organization! Hmmmm, What does the "C" in YFCA stand for ? Last I knew it stood for "Christian" and last I knew Christians stood for tolerance and forgiveness ,among other things. That made me so mad, even though I never was a member of YFCA. Maybe they should consider removing that "C" from their name ? It would at least give potential members a better idea of what the organization REALLY is.

    You got that right!!

    I am not religious but the few times that I do ask of a god I as for the sake of others.