Never Forsaken Or Forgotten

Sometimes it seems so much easier to blame god for mistakes of humans, or say he must not exist because we are not having the easiest life. We don't realise that us ourselves are sinning and that is why there is so much deceit in the world.

It took me so long to accept that i was to blame for most of the things going wrong in my life and when i did i needed someone to back me up so back i went crawling to thew one thing that will never forget or forsake me. God.

Sounds like a bowl of mush i know. But its true mush at least.

ShatteredBeyondBelief ShatteredBeyondBelief
18-21, F
2 Responses Aug 12, 2007

truly God is not to be blamed.."he has given us a choice death or life".

His mercy and grace are everlasting, and when we let go, and realize that He holds us in His capable hands, then our journey becomes so much easier. We all want to blame someone for our problems, it's only natural. But when we come to the understanding of Who God is, then we know that we have been safe all along, so there is no need to blame. There is only God to praise *smile*