In response of my recent post on "I am a atheist", I realised how stupid I was. And I truly apologise for it.

When I wrote that experience I was a different person but hopefully I do not go back to how I was.

I talked to a few people, and had some time to think. You see in the past I always thought as people as totally different planets that I did not understand at all. I did not care about them as I knew it would not affect me in anyway. They were alien, no way in similarity of me. When in reality they were, we are all alike and I realise that now. A Atheist and a Christian are the same but just with different views. And we both believe strongly in them. And if one side makes fun of our view then obviously I would not like it so I should not expect a Christian to like it.

I am truly sorry for what I did. And I hope what I said did not affect what you thought about me. But I have changed as a person tonight.

We may have different views. But we do have something in common, we are both human. :) So lets treat each other as different human beings instead of our religious views.

thank you for reading this.
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1 Response Aug 15, 2014

I love this post from you...this shows your character in so many different lights!!! Thank you for this...may god bless you on this day and every day here on out!!