Thought I'd share this here to seek Godly wisdom from other parents. Any advice you can share would be greatly appreciated.

Good morning Pastor. Due to my sin of online **** my son has found it online as well. As you know he is 7 and what has been seen cannot be unseen. I have taken his innocence away and put that filth in his mind. We haven't said anything to him yet. I have no idea how to handle this and my shame and guilt is interfering with me thinking clearly. I have unplugged the computer until my wife can install a program to block all websites that has it. Not sure if just my wife and I should talk to him or maybe all three of us need to come see you and have you explain to him why it's wrong. My knee jerk reaction is to put the fear of God into him so he is too scared to even think of doing it again. This all happened about 30 minutes ago and like I said I'm not thinking clearly.
One idea I had was to install net nanny and not make a big deal about it that way his curiosity isn't going on about it. Kinda like when he was a baby if he fell and hurt himself and we overreacted, he would start crying more. But if we played it off and said it was just a scratch he would be fine and continue to play.
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Why are some catholics so afraid of sexuality?

Ya but **** isnt sex and just because this child has seen sex doesnt meen that he is going to love in sin from here on out because he has "taken his inocence"

Ok thank you for explaining

I hope you find help and ease for you and your kid!