Sometimes I ask God why he chose this life for me. But I know this is all his plan for me. So I'm going day by day.
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Somone once said, God put us on this earth as an infant, naive to everything. We shall grow up and get to know god, become friends with him, and in the end. We shall be eternal friends with him so we can reunite in paradise.

great post

I consider living day by day the best way to live as well. ^^

Going day by day is all you can really do. Eventually God will give you answers about why. But it is always in HIS time, and in HIS way.

You are in training. God is preparing you - not only for this life, but for eternal life. Training is rarely easy, but it is beneficial.

Hey sister, say hala to me if you wanna talk! God loves you and I love you too!

Keep your eyes open, be bold and keep the faith 😀