Sexually immoral. Warning
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This is very cool. Apparently YHWH wrote this all by Himself.


Great I AM. I cleanse with water, I cleanse with fire. Oh woe unto you found in your state of uncleanliness.

My fury will come upon those also who come into agreement with this impurity. A house divided shall not stand when the heavy rains and winds blow thereof.

Thou shall not commit adultery, thou shall not kill. Oh ye, a broken covenant kills the soul, darkness fills the spirit. Woe to you, oh woe to you for all accountability is to Me, Yahweh. Turn from your ways now, I say. For great is the cleansing that comes upon the land. Remember the vows you declared under Me as you joined as one. Don’t you see? Those who break the vows with the mate, have also broken the vows to me. Fools I say! Seeking temporary earthly pleasure, sacrificing your eternal home. Repent and turn now I say from this wickedness. I am gathering those who fully walk as I have commanded. My favor is upon them. For they have walked in obedience and love. Those who ignore My Word, My warnings, will be cast into the lake of fire. Repent now!

Today I declare, stop the murdering of the unborn. Thou shall not kill. I seek within the land, I see oh ye women lined up, waiting to terminate life I created. Not you, it is I, Yahweh who form all life. Though ye your actions proclaim you are greater than I? As the murdered unborn are cast into the fire by man, I shall cast you into eternal damnation where there will be gnashing of teeth.

I, the Lord of Hosts, the Great I AM, demand all turn from your wickedness. Repent with a pure heart. As My Holy Word declares, sexual immorality, fornicators, adultery, idolators, having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof, homosexuals, thieves, drunkards, the greedy will not inherit My Kingdom. Oh ye do not be as the pagan who refused. Be holy, for I AM Holy.


Well, maybe YHWH had a little 'human' assistance.

In the good olde days, YHWH was a real 'hands on' kind of magical entity. If He got annoyed he never hesitated to kill. Mmm. I'm sorry. My bad. He did hesitate long enough to make sure the ONE RIGHTEOUS DUDE and the ORD's close relatives survived.

Or if the 'CHOSEN' ones had an enemy or were feeling threatened, He would make sure all (except a few uber-young girls saved for sexual slavery) were slaughtered.

Someone wrote recently in defense of these wholesale killings, which included toddlers, infants, and (as I recall) running a sword through a pregnant female's stomach.

According to the nice Christian defending this, slaughtering the kids was actually an act of 'love' on the part of God, since the kids would have been upset having no parents ... not to mention having watched them being hacked to death ... and killing them was actually doing them a favor!! Who knew??

Soooo, what God was condoning, even encouraging, was ABORTION .... many of the abortions actually being performed years after birth ... as an act of MERCY so the little ones wouldn't have unhappy lives.

Ok then. So why the hangup about it now? Stop murdering the unborn? Stop having abortions? Huh?

So the child created from an incestuous relationship is going to have a happy life? A child created when a crack ***** trades sex for a rock of cocaine is not going to be miserable?

"... waiting to terminate life I created", YHWH says. What thee?? Are you telling me that YHWH is responsible for daddy's little girl getting pregnant? And the crack *****?

I'm getting super confused here. YHWH endorses abortions out of mercy, but creates life when He could have simply NOT done so, and saved a lot of grief.

And what about the poor little girls who not only saw their parents slaughtered, AND their brothers and older sisters, AND the infants .... and then were taken as sex slaves? What mercy were THEY given? And doesn't the 'fornication' thingy apply when a 50 year old man is screwing a prepubescent girl? Or is it all good because she is his slave ... FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE?

And EP .... you can't be serious. People are supposed to respond to this with 'authenticity, support, and respect'???

Or don't say anything at all?

EPAllie .... you can't possibly condone posts like this. Can you?

You talk more of hell than heaven and earth. That's against his teachings you need help and quick