They say it's going to be okay. To push through just a tad bit longer and God will bring you out of the situation that you're in. They say to have hope. But will it ever be okay? Is that what we are really looking for? At this point. I am a little baffled that this is the mentality that we have. If we just wait it out, it will eventually end.
There's a saying, "Ego says when the chaos ends I will finally find peace. Spirit says, in the mist of this chaos I am at peace". Are we really going to wait until the storm is over to act? Are we just going to hide out from the rain, to do what it is that we need to do? Who says this is the way it needs to be? We are to be like God. God uses the darkness to shine through. That's when He acts. Are we not to be like Him?
We are capable of...just so much more than waiting for the storm to be over. We were made to be the Light, for a reason.
God intended there to be darkness, he equipped us for the night. He didn't intend for us to sleep it through until morning to get up and act. The truth is, it's going to be okay. But this "situation" you find yourself in, it's called Life. It's not perfect, it gets a little messy, it's always going to be problematic. But if you are preparing to stop, every time the wind blows a little to hard, then what are you accomplishing. God equipped you for the storms, the wind, the thunder, and the dark.
It's going to be okay, regardless of how tough the situation seems. That's what separates us from non-believers. We already know how the story ends, we already know that God can fix this. It's our duty to be the rescue team. It's our duty to find those lost in the storm. The ones who think it will never end.
We are not made to "wait it out". God doesn't act in times of peace. He acts in times of chaos, peacefully. When you are going through a situation, as you go through life, don't let a stumble stop you. When you feel a storm coming, don't hide out. Don't put your life, and God's will on pause, during a hard time. In the middle of a war, God calls you to be a soldier. It might not feel like it's okay right now. But I promise it's going to be okay. It's always going to be okay. But for the mean time get out there and go rescue some people.
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