How should we feel about meditation? My friend suggested that I try it but the idea doesn't sit right with me. Help me out here because I feel like the energy I can put into meditating I can put into prayer but she says they're not the same
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Avoid meditation it has nothing to do with Prayer to God. If you want to know God better. Read the Bible and simply talk to Him via prayer.

Do you know what meditation even does? It has nothing to do with spirituality unless you want it to be, hell I meditate because it calms the mind and body

No I really do get what adstar is saying! Because what my friend considered to be "meditation" was worldly and not at all conforming to my own beliefs and neither did it accommodate for them. I'd rather be praying than simply "focusing on 'detoxing' my brain" or whatever else they do. My trust is in The Lord & it is prayer that reinforces that

Then you will forever live with an unclear head

I don't think you understand that you're telling me to go against what my religion teaches. My Bible is my standard & that I stick to that standard doesn't leave me with any room or any intention to entertain "worldly, 'spiritual' " things. If ever I meditate then it will be and it will only be through prayer to my Lord & savior. If you don't feel the same way then thank you for sharing your two cents but please realize where a line has to be drawn.

But meditation is nothing of that! Have you ever been hurt and you just breathed calmly to try and keep yourself calm? Thats meditation. Have you ever say down to think on a subject calmly? That's meditation, meditation is NOT against your religion (read both OT and NT) infact the bible wants you to meditate to preserve your body, your temple

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Meditation is the act of calming ones body, it's over all good and not spiritual

Meditation in its most basic form is extreme contemplation. What you contemplate determines whether or not it is pleasing to the Lord.

Makes sense

Meditation is not a bad thing. Yoga is not a bad thing. Prayer is not a bad thing. I'm sorry, but how did you come to the conclusion that meditation does not 'sit well' with you. Honestly l laughed. I know I'm gonna take some flack for this, but to think that meditation is anything less than productive is nothing short of unintelligent. You should meditate. And the first thing you should meditate on is getting out from underneath that rock that you must be living under. Good luck to you.

Hey have an awesome day ok?

u need to try the relaxation tapes or cd's they do work

Even at yoga. The only things I bring with me through those doors are my health & my Lord. I escape everything else.

I meditate on God.

Couldn't have said it any better

ya but have to have a totally quit place and be really connected

That takes a lot of will power!

plus everyone is different I was just saying for me I have to have that

I usually pray in the morning before anyone else wakes up but I've never considered what my friend described as "meditating" but I guess I can understand what it means to "meditate on God"

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