Worldwide, Christians are not only ridiculed but often, in more extremist countries where Christians are a minority, persecuted. Why does no one seem to care?
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Good question. Even Jesus, who was perfect in everything that he said and did, was hated by so many people.
He told Christians to expect to be persecuted, because in the last days, what's bad will be accepted as good, and what's good will be frowned upon. But we really have nothing to fear, because all bad people are going to have to answer to God and the "meek and righteous people will posess the earth." (Red Matthew 24:3-14 and 2 Timothy 3:1-7)

Cos the media is run by secular aethist liberals that have done a masterful job of subliminal messaging and brainwashing that christians are simple minded gullible fools. Really ****** me off.

I love it when people thereat to 'kill those intolerant Christians' yet don't see the irony. Priceless liberal nonsense.

Good post! Some People are about themselves and their own families and not caring about others This has all been foretold in the book of Daniel and Revelations! Prophesy! Continue to pray for peace!

Because Jesus said himself that we will be hated because they hated him first. It's as simple as that. It is a sad reality, but nonetheless it's the truth :(

Yup. John 15:18-19. Very true

I hate all persecutions. Faith is a blessing. It is a shame some people use it as a weapon.

because we as christians are hated...only other christians care...a sad reality

It's heartbreaking.

it truly is...but jesus warned of these things and stated they must come to will only get worse

Jesus will never abandon us. This is pretty much the only thing I take comfort in, and also knowing all of the innocent victims who have died because of their beliefs are now with him.


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