It's not true when people say we have soul. No see, We ARE a soul. We HAVE a body. Our body is our temple, it's an empty vessel for God to pour into. But how empty is it really? God entered into the purest of the pour. And as a Man, Jesus changed the world. It's never too late.

But tell me, how clean is your body, your soul, your vessel? The problem isn't how much God pours of Himself into you, it's about how much space you're willing to give to allow Him to.

Are you willing to give Him your feet? The feet that guide you, and help you walk the path of His will? Are you ready to allow Him to help you stand? Be your rock and foundation? Or are you going to tread a thin line? Lead yourself into trouble.

Are you willing to give Him your spine? The same spine that holds you together? Keep you Upright in a confident way? Are you ready to allow Him to be the backbone that you need? Or are you going to willfully slouch?

Are you willing to give Him your stomach? The same stomach that keeps you content? Holds your source of energy? Digests when needed and empties to allow for more? Are you ready to allow Him to filter you? Or are you going to ingest junk and hold that filth inside?

Are you willing to give Him your heart? The heart that pumps the blood to your veins. The heart that pumps "consistently" and allows you to move. Are you ready to let Him "consistently" give you life, "consistently"? Or are you going to allow that heart to love and be fulfilled by worldly beings, situations, and treasures?

Are you willing to give Him your mind? Do you even know how powerful that is? Like God, it is mysterious, yet it's the only thing that really separates us from others. God can use it to separate you as well. By the things you think of and where you allow your mind to wander.

See, we don't have a soul, we are one. We have a body. A vessel thats willing to be emptied and used. You can take control of it if you wish. But you can't just give God half of your body to use. You can't allow him to use your hands to build up his community, yet use your feet and guide yourself through darkness. What good is it for Him to have your Mind, but you don't allow Him to capture and hold your heart.

It's one thing to offer God a vessel to pour into, but is it clean? Are you willing for Him to clean it out for you? God is our body. He put Himself in us when He made us. Anything your body can do for you is what God can do for you. Don't ever give yourself too much credit. I just ask that you pray a prayer to be purified and used. I pray God pours into you. And doesn't stop.

Our soul is much more than just our 'outer' exterior. Jesus was...they destroyed His outer appearance...but God resurrected him. Our soul is worth so much more than our 'inner' interior. And when it failed for some, God raised them from the dead. Keep your vessel clean and your soul pure. When God has room to work and move, He will.

I love you. It's never too late to shake up the world. Doesn't matter how young, old, weak, or strong the vessel is. It's the purpose God has for the vessel that matters. And He has so much in store for you. Literally. Have a blessed, day, week, life.

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God is God. Don't look upon the Holy Spirit as being a liquid to be poured into people. The Holy Spirit is God He is not a substance. I see so many people confused about the Holy Spirit.


Well said!!!

“You must be holy because I am holy.” - 1 Peter 1:13

Yah is awesome and so at you for writing that! Be blessed! :) keeping walking in His will!

Thankyou(: God bless you