Im a Christian

okay so ive been saved. i accepted Jesus into my life & i follow him every day. i go 2 church most sundays & i am a Christian. now I have no idea wat demoniation I am tho. I dont understamd the differences. Like i go to a presbyterian church but still i dont get it. Like i understand the gospel & i have a relationship with Christ. does it really matter what denomination I pick? like im scared of picking one & then its the wrong one. idk if this makes sense 2 anyone else but im totally confused about this. But one thing im sure of is that Christ is my savior my best friend & the one i live my life for & im totally proud of that : )
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It sounds like you are on the right track. It isn't about religion, or denomination. It is about a personal relationship with the Saviour. You spelled that very clearly. Don't get hung up in all the manmade stuff.

You appear to have all you need to me. No religion, just Jesus. Attending church is importent, however, truly the only counsel one needs is the Holy Spirit, who brings you to the full knowledge of the Trinity. I knew Jesus and the Father, however, meeting the person of the Holy Spirit (over 20 years ago now) really started me on my wonderful journey.