I once did not believe a God who is just. Why? Because since I was still a child, I have been diagnosed with a brain tumor that always triggers up my epileptic episodes whenever I get too stressed out. I remembered I was eight when I had my first episode and I thought I had died when the blackness enveloped my vision after rendering me paralyzed for a few seconds. I was nine when I was taken to my first MRI to get a scan for my brain. After that I was recommended to take up rehab for my half paralyzed body plus I also started using my crazy as hell expensive prescription meds. At that time, I always asked God why did he or she made me like this? Am I simply a defect? I hated him and funny enough, I even joined an atheist group just to show how I hated him,

But that all changed when I watched the movie God's not Dead. I realized that I wasn't the only one who has problems about sickness and really, God was always there beside me. I was just too blind and ignorant to feel him.
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We can't let our physical illness interfear with our spiritual souls. Remember, we will all have new bodies when we get to heaven. Can't wait!

i envy you for not fearing death. i on the other hand shudder from just thinking of leaving behind the things i have yet to finish for my love ones. they did so much for me. i am torn from wanting death to make their lives easier without the burden of paying for me and from staying strong for myself in order to repay them in the future.

great post

Please pray for me and my moms health, we might have strep. And it has been hard to sleep lately.

What is strep?

I believe strep throat is a disease, where your throat is really, really hurting. Please just pray for me and my moms health, I am asking everyone who is a believer.

What a beautiful testament. Thanks for sharing. I want to see that movie!

Oh, I totally recommend it since the movie itself is based on a movement on a group of students in university who were condemned by their professors just because of their faith.