A Walk That Has Taken a Long Time

I was brought up a Christian protestant. I never questioned as it was never encouraged. As I got older I realised that it was not what I needed or wanted.

As a family my husband and children joined a Methodist church but still it wasn't 'right' although while we were there we became involved in church matters and I was a steward at the church. Then I had a stroke and the new minister visited me at home, he couldn't handle me being disabled and I found that I was snubbed in front of everyone at church. As I was unable to carry out church duties I was of no use.

We left and it was after our move to France that my husband and I looked for a new church. I have forgiven the minister as he has a problem but also I have forgiven my self for letting him make me a victim.

For a while I was a lone worshipper as it is pretty impossible to find a church near us that is protestant.

In doing my family tree I found a cousin who is a Quaker and I felt so at home in the Quaker beliefs I am very content to follow that myself. However, a French friend who speaks excellent English started talking about relgion and we were invited to her Catholic church which is so friendly.

I am not able to go as much as I would like as I am disabled with rheumatoid arthritis, a herniated disc and the effects of 3 strokes. But we have met a Scottish couple who are pastors and we are doing bible study with them. God works in mysterious ways to help our walk.

Tiggy Tiggy
2 Responses Mar 12, 2009

Tibicina, you are so correct! "...and as long as He is the head of it that is all that matters." <br />
It is a good thing to remember! I too, am a Christian, and although I find it extremly hard to stay focused on Christ in this self-centered world, I am trying to stay strong. <br />
Thanks for the testimony.

I am really glad for you that you have found such lovely christians to fellowship with. Does it really matter what denomination we are? To Christ we are one Church, and as long as He is the head of it that is all that matters.