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ive been influence in religion ever since i was little but i never thought that there are so many things that can happen to you if you only had faith in god and believe in him in  your times of trouble he is always there to help you out i am christian and very happy to be one before i accepted the lord as my lord and savior i was lost and deppresed and thought nobody cared and no one could get me out of my deppresion but after i started going to church more often n listen to the world of god i realised that im not alone cuz god is with me always if it wasent for him i wouldent be here know i think i would be dead by know but im very happy with myself and know im getting classes to get baptised een though i am having some problems at the moment i kow theyll get better jesus has made so many good things for me ever since i found him i started worshiping him.when your in his house its like you dont have to worrie about anybody else and you can feel in peace beause is like jesus take sall my troubles away.

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well i appreciate that but onestly ive never and will never do any of those things because many of the things you say have been done to me and i yeah there are fake christians outthere but im not one of them i am afarid of felling him and always try my best to do better always yeah im not perfect no one is but hey everyone is entitled to there own opinions

I have found people who say they are Crhistian really believe they are but at the same time it's what KIND of Christian are they. Sure, they believe in Him and go to church every Sunday and do Bible study and help others but I know for a fact that there are Christians who gamble, use illegal drugs, engage in homosexual activities, committ adultery, rape children, practice hate rituals, abuse, take advantage of others, and the list goes on and on. I will never declare that I am a Christian. What I say is that I believe in Him and do my best to honor Him.