Living With An Alcoholic Husband

Married for more than 20 years and still have not gotten used to the alcoholic behaviour.  Prays all the time and reads the right books and listen to the right messages but still cannot come to terms with the alcohol drinking almost every other day by my husband.  He is a great father to our children and great provider for the home. Everyday I keep asking the Lord to do something to have him change his drinking habits.

theanchorholds theanchorholds
2 Responses Mar 23, 2009

God bless you my humble opinion is thath some times God works the way he wants .. why .. because we think thath they have to change but probably I'am the one who has to changed why because for my testimony others will changed the world is watching us who profes ,we love JESUSCRIST .God bless you I will comment later

Unless he hits his rock bottom he prob will not change. Have you tried to go to a Allnon meeting? I think that would help you if you did. I will also keep you in my prayers.x