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My Story About His Glory

I started getting into some bad stuff when I was 9. I hung out with some people that got me in alot of trouble, well I wasn't caught. My mother always forced me to go to church, and I didn't want to go, so it made me resent it more. Then on 9/12/01, I went to youth group; it was the day after the 9/11 incident with the twin towers, and one person made a comment about that the people that died can see their family again someday, and the teacher said, "Not if they didn't accept Jesus into their lives". Then about a month later, I was forced to go to a Christian camp for Fall break. I was upset because I didn't want to go because I wouldn't know anyone there because I didn't talk to any of the people that went to the camp. On the last night of the camp, I don't remember the serman that was spoken, but I do remember that on that night, I accepted Christ into my life. I came back and as soon as I got back around my friends, I fell back into my old habits. Then the summer of 06', I rededicated my life to him, and got baptized. I am happy to say that now, I am a strong Christian, and love to do mission work. Everytime I go on a mission trip, it just seems like I grow more in chirst. Does anyone else feel the same way? 
Poco Poco 16-18, F 1 Response Aug 21, 2007

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yes.."The more seek him, the more you know him."we grow in faith and love for Christ when we are committed to his work .