My Testamony

This is my story. A story about how i came to know and embrace God. I was 16 years old when i was Saved. I was raised Jehovah's Witness, but i always knew that there was more out there. and i went from one extreme to the other before i was saved. but I'm jumping ahead. Let me explain.

When i was growing up, my grandmother would take me to church with her. she was a Jehovah's Witness and assumed that everyone else in her family should be to. i went with her on and off until i was 13. then i stopped going. i started to really question the things i had learned there and no one really had any answers. so i gave up on it all. i didn't believe in anything until i was 15. my best friend at the time introduced me to Wicca. witchcraft to most. i kinda practiced, but it still didn't feel right. but it was something i could hold to and embrace. that is, until my boyfriend at the time talked me into going to church with him. it was a small, non-denominational church. i reluctantly went, and suddenly i felt alive. i felt something in my heart that i had never felt. for the first time, i felt the love of God. from that day forth i embraced Jesus and never looked back. i was baptized in august of 04, and i was a new person.

i wish that was the end of the story, but it's not. when i graduated in 05, i moved away for college. i left behind my strong church family and started to drift from God. with no one to bring me back and not knowing anyone that went to any churches, i started to fall victim to sin. then i met the man that would eventually become my husband. he saved me from myself. he started taking me to church with him and i started to feel the holy spirit again. now i regularly attend church and praise God for bringing me back when i had turned my back on him.

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The most important commandment is to Love the Lord your God.<br />
It never mentions you must go to church or you must belng to a specific fellowship. It's all a matter of loving God and loving the people around you.<br />
There are many who worship God, many who do it in different ways. There are so many denominations of the Christian faith who all follow the same teachings. I don't believe that it matters how your worship him or what you call yourself. God reads our hearts and knows what is written within and judges us on who we are and how we have loved.<br />
God bless you all and praise be to the Lord.

I give God all the glory and honor for your coming back to him. Praise God! He is what it is all about. It thrills my heart when i hear of someone coming to God, wheather its a first time or a return. My life has been a rollercoaster ride from my youth to adulthood even after me getting saved, UNTIL I decided I was tired of the ride and I completely turned my life over to Him for His will. We know that His will is for our good and our will is death. I feel led to tell you to talk to God about the wicca that you participated in, witchcraft can and will lay dormant in our lives once we have opened up a door for it because it is a very strong evil, ask God to break any strongholds that might be remaining in your life from it. There is no one like God and I am so thankful for that. He truly is the King of Kings!!!

Thank you for your understanding,,,,it really means alot,,,as long as I live in love and light I am alright sister,,,,First you need to know that I do not fit in this world nor do I fit in any church,,,my beliefs come from Native American teachings,,,plus all other beliefs thrown in to add a wholeness to all of it,,, Christians tend to think that they are the only ones who got,God,Goddesses number,,,well get ready with your lamps make sure you have plenty of oil,,,God,Goddess will soon come together and send their choosen children home,,,its in your hearts to all be there for the wedding supper,,,love and light mary

i was the same way. it took me a long time to find a church that i was comfortable with. i don't disagree with you at all. As long as you still believe and act in a Christ-Like manner, it's all good!

I am glad that you have had such a good experance,,,and that you have a personal relationship with God, and the Holy Ghost, however, I hope that just because it went this way for you I hope you are not judging others because their relationship is not stuctured around a church, or being called CHRISTIAN,,,I am a spirtual being and I too have a very personal relationship with God myself,,,I do not go to church because of the structure,,,and it does not feel real to me,,,I am not disrepcting your fews I hope that you can feel my heart like I feel yours,,,I do not like the word CHRISTIAN,,,I know that God never called any of you that,,,Just voising my feelings,,,if you don't like what I have said,,,you can always deliete me,,,Love and Light make everything right,,,mary