I was born to parents who disagreed. My mom believes in God, prays to Him, and trusts in Him, but never lives His word. My dad is a full out atheist. I saw church as something you were supposed to do instead of a privilege until I was 11. Then I hated it. The people weren't supportive and rarely leaned on one another to strengthen each other's faith. Thinking that was all the Church was, I slowly stopped believing. I didn't want to be that kind of person. Looking back, I realize I could have lived His word, and possibly help others in the church as iron sharpens iron, but I didn't. For a year, I was confused as to what I believed. I wanted Christ. But I didn't want the church my family belonged to. When my friend invited me to her church's youth group lock in, I was a little hesitant to go. I ended up going, and loving it. I began going to youth group there, and slowly my faith became strong. Then my depression hit. I was angry. I was angry and God and questioned why He was doing this to me when I was finally doing good and was in a good place. He didn't give me the answer I wanted, but the answer I needed. Those months of pain taught me that I NEED God more than anything. I relied on Him more than ever and my faith grew even stronger. I got to go to a camp for a week two years straight. Living in an atmosphere focused completely on our Savior was an amazing experience. Every night was filled with His word and our voices raising up to Him in worship. I'm a Christian. I suck at being selfless. I sin, a lot. I can be a hypocrite. But I know that every time I fall, God will pick up the mess and place me on my feet again. I'm never alone. God is good.
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There are a lot of people like you out there. They need to find the right church where the Bible is preached and the members are prayer warriors. Satan has infiltrated the church and has blinded many people to God's Word. It takes a strong Christian to stand up and seek the truth.

Such an amazing testimony, inspiring