I'm no better than anyone else but I can tell you this:  I won't bother you, call you names, and give you @#$%%%%%%%%^&&*()__+++_)(*&^^^%%$$$#@@@@@!!@#$%


Amen?  Peace

Neveah Neveah 16-17, F 14 Responses Oct 9, 2009

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& you are beautiful inside and out :D

Hey, did you remove me from your friends? I can't see your profile anymore for some reason...

BigSuperHugs to uuuuuu!!!!!!



BigSuperHugs to uuuuuu!!!!!!



xoxo~ MrsIcb4rP!!!!


yes, thankuuuu!!!!

I believe that God is love.

Yes i'm no better - the term Christian - Thats like a double edge sword name! Prob. Because so many are full of hate and judgemental- i just beleive in God too. Thats it. Thats defining Christian . Thank u for your nice comment- you are a nice person!

I'm glad to finally come across a real christian on here that doesn't promote hate! And is helpful NOT hurtful. I have had quite a few run-in's with "so called" christians..who's mission on EP is to try and tear people down. I've read some of your stories and you seem cool.. I like that song too "Awesome God"

I wouldn't call myself a christian.. But I am a believer of Christ! He's been there for me..and I could never deny him. I like your philosophy that "Your no better than anyone else" I feel the same :D

yes thank u unicorn! God deserves praise, all the praise, and God bless you!!!

"Our God is an Awesome God", one of my fav. songs.

I love your's my youngest granddaughter's's beautiful...

It's great that you can get on here, and give God some praise....We have an awesome God!

I lift my hands to God, and thank Him for all He's done. I praise Him for the blessings He promises.

ooooooooooooooooooh, watch out!!!! That serpent is on the PROWL!!!!!!

That hate will spew and those names will fly, and what will I say?




I think your a really sweet person and the ones who don't....they don't count anyway.OOPS....did I say that...too late now...stay tuned for the new post that will come out on it,lol.