Hi everyone. As I understand that this site is closing down or freezing tomorrow, this will perhaps be my last post on this site.

There's something that I feel is important that I've been meaning to share with fellow believers on this site, particularly Americans, but haven't got around to doing until today...

I've been watching these Prophecy Club videos on Youtube and came across these two where Stan Johnson is sharing prophecies that have apparently been made by multiple people about severe judgement coming to America.

Personally, I think there is real substance to it and I feel it is important to share it with others. I hope people will check them out even though the site is freezing tomorrow. Here they are below:

NorseChief NorseChief
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1 Response Apr 21, 2016

If Hillary is elected that by itself will be a severe judgment on America. Liberals take control of the Supreme Court and freedom begins to go out the window.