We As People Of God Are Always Watched And Measured By Our Hearts.


 What's so real can seem strange and mistook to those who are not filled with God's True Spirit; but rather that the spirit of error. Often when walking with God as our lead He has us to do things that others tend to judge us by while forgetting His words of truth having to do with all things and especially love. Its as if in the words that I wrote showing a very genuine faith that I still hold strong as it never ceases to grow can't be seen because Satan's judgment just seems to slide in unawares to take ones mind from the love that we are all commanded to have towards one another while letting dislike take over our own thoughts. And with those thoughts are very many judgments while completely forgetting Matthew 7, John 13:34 and Revelation 22:14 along with all of His words of truth that few can understand in His Spirit of Truth. Because our Lord and I have a very genuine mutual love, and all of my faith and trust is in Him and not man. God cannot lie, so He loves me and knows my every need; and with that He is very pleased with my faith. Proverbs 8:17, Matthew 6:8, Hebrews 11:6. Therefore I want nor ask anything from you or anyone that reads what I write because the lesson to be learned is where your heart is not, which is genuine love, and where it is, as in hate with judgment; and God knows you’re every thought and hearts intent.


May God bless you as He has blessed me with wisdom and knowledge with understanding because only He can be your teacher. Proverbs 2:6

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Im also a christian, my mom got me christned and i heard i can never be "un christned".