Now God Is My World....

I have always grown up in church and would here about him but i always used to question his being... three years ago i came to tommy bates church and made it my own, i felt god there, and when i spoke in tongues i could no deny his existence and his purpose for me in this life. god gave me a voice of singing and a heart for people. i don't want anyone to go to hell or live with out a father who helps you. he has been the world to me even through all of the things in my life. Some times it took me years to see all the things that happened to me were turned around for the good of his glory. god has been beside me when i didn't deserve it and forgiven me even after i threw it in his face. i am not worthy of his love but he loves me any ways. he went on that cross and came off of it for me, he didn't have too. even when he looked ahead and saw how many times i would hurt him he still risked it all for me. God has made life worth living. i can not thank or love him enough.

DarkAmber DarkAmber
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your name sounds familiar diane moss... but thank u i love one who knows the word. i know that no wepon formed against me shall prosper and that joshua 19 gives me strength to hold on. thank u for your word and your encouragement

dark amber praise the lord keep focusing on the lord ,you don't have to prove anything but to the lord god said don't trust on man ,understanding but through him an all his ways,{ephesians ;3;20 he said he will give you more than you ,can ever imagine ,that's why scripture ephesians6;10-18 apostel paul instructs us to get ready by putting on '' the full armor of god ,in thinking about how to prepare, we must understanding of who it is we are fighting . paul makes the foe's idenity perfectly clear in ephesians 6;12; for our struggle is not against flesh and blood , but against the rulers ,against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places'' here'' young lady stay in the word bless you, dianemoss,

piink jews wer'e god chosen people,so i see that you ,don't read the bible there one bible and one religion ,man came up with their man made bible,scripture speak about fools and the tongue {prov;18-21 who are you to doute anyones ,religion cause before it's over you gone call on jesus{prov;18-2-this what it say about a fool, hath no delight in understanding but that his heart may discover itself 18;4} the words of a man's mouth as deep waters ,and the wellsprings of wisdom as a flowing brook,prov; 18;5---it is not good to accept the person of the wicked to over-throw the righteous in judgement, you have know right to judge anyone about their believes, god will deal with you when cause someone to{stumble}. you better read you're bible if you own one, amen, dianemoss ; wrote this,praise the lord.

i hold nothing against others, but when u know something its hard not to tell every one or hope to change there mind so they can expirience it too. god is truly real, and now that i know and have felt him i cant help but be happy and want others to feel him. he is just so amazing and has opened up everything for me and i dont want anything to happen to anyone. i just wish people would give him a chance to be real to them. i know u might not believe in god really, or know he exists now, but he does.<br />
i think that the same as the man on the cross beside god, that if u say you belive in him and ask his forgiveness you will be saved. the man beside him died but went to heaven. if he had been somone passing by he would have to serve him.<br />
god is simple and strait forward, and his love is pure and easy. he doesnt expect u to do elaborate things to get into heaven. and i just wish people would try him, just see. u know?