Belief Is Not Something To Be Taken Lightly

It's not just book knowledge or topics up for debate. It's what you know to be true and experience in daily life. It's expressed in your actions. It's a sign to everyone around you. In the same way the you don't see the wind that carries the leaves, you can't see the beliefs, but you can see the results that are carried aloft by them. You turn from your heart, not the organ, not your emotions, but from your core, what anchors your existence. You are what you were not before, and what you were before isn't even an analog of what you have become. It's not that you have become a better creature. You can't escape that you're human. You can't become better. You can't earn it. You can only accept God's grace and hold it tightly as the life preserver that will carry you away when this existence takes on water and disappears beneath the waves.

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Sure thing!!!!!!! Let's have at it!!!!!!!!!!!

Sweet! An army of two. Let's show 'em what we got. :D

Indeed....I feel the same way...