How The New Commandment Of The Love Of Christ Is Broken; And Especially By All The Shepherds That Are Suppose To Be Feeding Their Flocks.

WHAT FEW SEE; as in what it means to be not of this world.

Only those genuinely of God can know others that reside on the same page spiritually; because when the words of God become ones life with no other priority they are no longer of this world just as the words of our Lord state in John 15:18-19.

So what does that mean to the unlearned that feel they are safe, saved, born again while knowing God and are therefore secure with no worries? It means that you only take Gods words the way that you want and not the way that they are written just as all shepherds only teach what’s comfortable with hope and security to their massive millions that will shed their blood because of not being properly fed meat rather than watered down milk that will be the downfall of all man [religious and non religious] in these end times.

These words are being written for you as an individual because your blood can still be spared if you can just turn the page from flesh to Spirit; and leave the spirit of error from the prince and power of the air that has led you into disobedience as the god of this world. 2 Corinthians 4:4 Ephesians 2:2

Can we talk as one on one friends with God as our lead with no evil thoughts or judgments with condemnation? Is the love of Christ within you? When you look to our Lord in faith with only love honor and glory; can you see yourself as a mirrors image in trying to be His twin by having His mind and not forsaking his ways in anyway nor adding your own that your own mind says is right when Christ says its wrong and not written?

To be out of this world means just as it is written for those whom can place themselves within the words of Hebrews 5:14 and Revelation 5:10 and John 14:12 and on and on with only the mind of Christ that says; “for I do always those things that please him.” 8:29

Is doing things not written please the Father? When you examine your every thought and action with your every hearts intent, do you see as the Father sees? Because you are as an opened book and completely naked before our Father; nothing can ever hidden including split second thoughts. So do you love me? What have you told God the reason is for never even a crumb of help or even a friendly word towards me? What have you told God is the reason for being of the thousands that have read my uncountable words of truth is the reason for unkind thoughts, judgments with no love and dislike are?
{These words are but a lesson that show the lacking of love we are commanded to have as I want not your money or judgments as some scam artist which is the way brethren choose to think while not seeing Revelation 22:14}
God knows I have needs and will bring them from whom is of the few genuine that only He knows by their hearts.

So who is really out of this world?

Those that have God for their heartbeat with His words as their own blood that flows for survival; and those who have no other life. Those who only view this planet and inhabitants as sinful rebellious grasshoppers that destroy each other every single passing second as someone is being beaten to death, tortured wanting death, a child being used as a sex toy, or a child being physically abused, or a child being used for sick and disgusting *********** for sick minded pleasures worldwide; and with that millions starving to death and dieing of malnutrition with diseases and being the victims on massive scales of death throughout Africa and other death beds of this sick and violent planet that man has been destroying; add some macho tough guy is beating his wife into a bloody mess as women beaters and rapists are very common just as your reading these words there is a woman full of tears and pain as she is being violently ravished while losing her self and mind in what will always follow her through life; and add to that child soldiers with weapons that are taught to kill without mercy; add to that we have hundreds of millions of religious people so full of love that they are cold hearts in real life living lives with no true God other than the god of this world who leads all that walk in complete darkness and can’t even see the truth of their own deaths coming as promised from our Father of Love who Tells ALL THINGS to those who listen to Him only and not their own minds while absorbing the lies with twisted darkness from whom He says to never trust. . . yet man does trust man and will die because of not trusting God for His every word.

Then what about Christ who is building His Church? What about never forsaking the gathering together? What about the worship of our Lord in Spirit and in truth? What about I will never forsake you or leave you? What about us all being in one accord? What about His Holy Spirit as the comforter? What about the rapture and hell for the lost? Such simple questions with such simple answers as written, but just to many blinders block what stands out within the words of God that are so easy to see for those that live with God rather than god.

Only hardworking ants that depend on their gather can have the truth; whereas the majority who are sluggards live their own way with false expectations and will die because of disobedience.

When God brings me just one friend that’s real for every five thousand that read what I write I will od and flashback into the flesh of sex, drugs and rock and roll of the 70’s because those people may have been in darkness as myself in those days, but at least they were real rather than all of the religious hypocrites of the world today who are more lost in darkness than a junkie as the setting sun because even he knew that he is as a sinking ship with no hope whereas Christians and religious people think they are saved because they only know one verse in the entire Bible while being blind to the other 31,101. Welcome to people of reality that’s under a cloud of darkness so deep in blackness that Jeremiah expelled water in tears and innards through vomit for what he witnessed happening to you, little children and infants with the young and the old with no mercy whatsoever with the stench of death everywhere in the air with no escape and no where to hide.

To be not of this world is to accept whatever cards of life that God deals while never questioning God just as Paul never did as he was being stoned to death. I have no life and hard times that have followed me all of my years, no friends and no brethren with only one anchor to hold and a wife that I love who was no accident but who God knew I would need to survive. So now being in my 39th month of special training from God in the Philippines with wants of becoming a leader of True Light to gather as many as God sends to gain His favor that will place those whom He chooses by heart under His wings for safety and protection; for the times are at hand that will be but the beginning of sorrows.

So what do I do? I do what I do which is exist with God in heart and in mind while still being only human with sounds like Bob Seger or CCR or ole Hank sr or jr with some Cash or any mixture of good ole stuff to help ease and drift with. So one of your typical holier and better than thou I don’t have the capacity to be; but rather just a lowly humble man that sees himself as a sinner and looks only to God with a perfect hatred for all those that lift themselves in darkness against our Lord as blind shepherds that are preparing countless millions for the slaughter.

You say I can’t hate? Tell God that and tell David that. Psalms 139:19-24

Wicked in the Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible says the meaning in verse 19 can be to just do wrong as in ungodly such as leading people into doing things Christ had no part of such as Sunday Sabbath and all of man’s pagan holidays and just all the ways of darkness that are not a mirror of the mind of Christ which are very wicked in the eyes of God along with the no show of any love or care whatsoever that preachers as shepherds are to all be doing as an example for their flocks to follow and do the same with love. . . but they teach with only lips and show cold hearts to follow, and all do with no true light while being in the clutches of Satan just as God who they know not warns them all of.

In verse 24 the meaning of wicked that David is asking God to search for within himself for simply means that David knew he was not perfect but a sinner just as you and I and only wanted God to reveal any wrongs so that he could repent which is what we are to do when we examine ourselves that needs to be a continual action in our lives because Satan is always walking about seeking whom he wants to devour; and is very good at what he does.

Hate in verses 21-22 means as it says in how you feel towards an enemy or foe.

I will go on break for a while and in prayer for what to write next. What will be as a pleasant shock in Gods time is when I can find but one friend, a little help and a brother as I wait for God’s lead to place my wife and I wherever in the world He has within His plan, or to just help us to work on our hut to call home because we can in no way afford our $50 per month rent because of so much love from all the saints.

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By all that I have written the church has been explained just as you have said; not a building but an active body with only Christ as the Head for all direction. But I have also written uncountable words from God on how He tears the churches of today with their doctrines and traditions that have absolutely nothing to do with Jesus Christ our Lord; and along with all that they do it makes the words of God of none effect. Church means called out ones. Christian means follower of Christ, yet to find an individual that actually follows Christ in heart, mind and actions is like searching for a needle in a haystack that reaches into the clouds because in their own minds they reason that all that they do that is not written is okay even though who we claim to follow has no part or association with Sunday service or pagan holidays but rather left us all with example that we are to follow to become as the firstfruits that shall reign with Him as the first building of His church with obedience, honor and dedication to be led by only His True Spirit and not deceived by the god of this world with the false spirit of disobedience that all are led by through false teachings and error. 2 Corinthians 4:4, Ephesians 2:2, 1 John 4:1, 6<br />
<br />
The not forsaking the assembly is for the church of God that will begin with Christ and His firstfruits. There is but one God, one Truth, one Religion and only one Spirit. Yet today their are uncountable religions of man with different names, doctrines and traditions that each is right with all the rest wrong. So we over three billion tat believe in God or their god. . .Only a spiritual mind can grasp the truths of God that I am trying to share with you. Just think of God and man in one accord and see that in the world today its totally impossible; but in His kingdom His ways, His love, His doctrine, His traditions, and His Spirit will be the law enforced with man having no say in any matter. One God and only one Government. Isaiah 9:6

All that I do is live completely for God as He is my only teacher as I have no part of the buildings of man called churches when church means called out ones that are suppose to be the body of Christ that does only as The Head as the mind of Christ leads. But the churches of man follow the ways, doctrines and traditions of man that make the words of God of none effect. Mark 7:13<br />
<br />
I don't write to judge or make enemies, but Christ said I would not be liked for truth just as He was hated. John 15:18-19 Ezekiel was not liked in chapter 2 of his book. Jeremiah was not liked in chapter 1 of his book and even Paul had false brethren 2 Corinthians 11:26 <br />
<br />
But these men still were in the race set before us and so am I.